The catch — no question, no two opinions can not be. Yamaga Blanks BLC-68 as designed for the Mi-gay, I guess it beautiful river UL-wagon without too much tenderness. And where to throw, and adequately hold all the bait, repeatedly tested in those places. Coil

— powerful Fireblood 2500 thread # 0.4. Box with wobblers — favorite, universal «Khamsin» -poverhnostniki in medium and small versions. «Rigi» — all of which have up to 60-ki. Several Krenken — «L-minnow», «Camion». A pair of pop-feather in the event of distribution of chub. All? Perhaps that’s enough. It’s great to go fishing with a box of … no, I will take, just in case a little jig. Cheburashka from 3 to 6 oz., The size of a pair of offset and conventional hooks — medium-sized, 4 to 8 numbers. Emergency tail lift at work, ready for three days without me stretch. Well

— gone. At five in the morning of Tuesday, 2/07, I was already in place — our camp is divided in a beautiful grove on the right bank migey-ray cascade Shiver and rapids just below the village of pears ka. People slept after shestisotkilometrovogo shots on known quality roads — easier for me, I caught up with the group on the train, so it is quite alert and ready for action. Put the tent 10 minutes. Another 10 minutes — to collect gear. And forward, tired of waiting for me with asp chub!

The first point — and the first surprise. From unpleasant. The water is high and muddy, started by the hunt for the white predators is very bad. And it is for white predators here I go first, with pike perch, and in the Donets missing. However, in the last number of visits Krasnopyorov fighters on migeyskih shallows considerably diminished — do not do this particular tragedy, I do not guess there’s nothing special poaching wiles, most likely it is just the number of cyclic fluctuations that are typical of any population in complex ecosystems. Do not worry, I’m not here for the first time. Express check-point three types of lures, initially (buried in the bush) Oblov coastal zone micro «Khamsin», then Popper across the sector, tempting asp. And finally, golavliny chord-long-range «L-minnow» for demolition, spanning the width of rolling. «Yamaga» into operation immediately, throughout the range of Tiny Khamsin SR and up to heavy, beyond the test 3D Popper gives adequate animation and a very decent cast. Immediately I note a fun feature: connecting rod does not like the second hand on the cast, although it is powerful enough to test their range — but typically ultralaytovy twig with typical UL hang Coy. Yes, actually tackle — a feather, 67 grams a fishing pole, 225 — in the coil. With thread and bait — just 300 g.).

Well, you have to move on. In a very sporty pace without getting stuck anywhere for more than 10 minutes, I run along the shore of a kilometer and a half. The task — to remove the cream with the most loyal, the most catchability (on many years of experience) points and areas. Quickly open an account and have to develop a positive success, time, something quite a bit less than two days — and you need to catch a lot. .. Bummer follows calving — the river has changed a lot during the three years that have passed since my last visit to Migeyu. This applies not only to lift water

— much worse, many coastal points and kugoy reeds along the shore, the coastal zone is also much ‘greener’ than usual, I do not recall such a large number of water lilies and pondweed, dramatically complicating Oblov jet for their abroad. A good (even pound) chubs, not to mention the asp, in such circumstances not to take. Still no bites. Well now climbed into the water at the rift is true, it Oblov on Mirror Stream backwater always gives a couple lobastikov. Here it is, the bend … Hmm. And then bad luck …

Roll change — gradually leaving the middle of now there is no pebble beach, muddy stream buries in the coastal slope, move further than a couple of meters possible. And from here I could not get to spray on the opposite bank, it’s not the case in the short twig

— just can not go into the water meters at twenty-five, throwing light on the need to voblerok sixty. Strong winds along the river (at least 6 m / s) makes this task is absolutely impossible. At the coast the fish there. I I rest for three hours, it’s time to camp — people woke up, it’s time to join the team and think suddenly encountered complications with fishing.

It turns out that the river is given the move — not only for me, however. Edward Vitali yesterday still find a couple of hours in the evening session of the feeder — not seen bites. The soul is born bad suspicion Looks like that will have to fill the fish oil-lamp from the store … After a quick breakfast, I leave the camp, we need to hurry. According to the forecast — today is the last day of good weather, and if I do not have time to «soak» trophies, and (most importantly) their photos today, tomorrow we should like to soak the approaching cyclone, and the problem is further complicated by multiple times. I have a plan, it is very simple: the length suitable for the coastal fishing segment of the river — eight kilometers, it extends Xia downstream from the camp and ends in front of the bridge impassable gustolesem Chisinau route. In this area — everything your heart desires. Rolls — deep and shallow, rolls across the river and rifts in the ducts. The quiet stretches. Creek, shallows, estuaries flowing streams. Lots meadow and forest areas with overhanging branches over the water, by which so love to graze fat chubs. Many of the points I have been known in the nuances … however, it became clear that relying on past experience should be with caution. But the same can not be such that the correct gear in hand and so many developments I did not feel, at last, the long-awaited attack on wobblers, not stop the first breakthrough undercutting Krasnopyorov handsome?

Oh, how else can. Fishing all can be. Day on the river flew like a minute, he was filled with a very stubborn and persistent bust points baits postings … It was not a brainstorm, and rough frontal attack. I was trying to win the pressure of the river, take your number of casts and huge number of fished areas. What happened in the end, it could be characterized succinctly: the complete collapse. Returning to camp at seven in the evening, exhausted and squeezed, I am active:

• schurenka one hundred grams, taken in shallow bay among lily pads (so it many do not mind, but it is not necessary for such production and ride so far);

* One evil udarchiki on jig (a pair of points on my way were so seductive in the sense that I could not resist, pulled out of the box, taken just in case trehgrammovy installation and made a few postings without much motivation — used eventually to the coveted and promising white predators of the Southern Bug, this path can not lead in any way), shot down twister (acid Glitter Curly Grub 2,5" I seemed to me for a transparency of the water the most suitable option) and without repetition of the attack. Perch? Maybe. Pike? Also not ruled out.

Prospects dark and gloomy. Almost half of the allotted me to meet wonderful, interesting, fishing (there is no doubt, even now) river — lost in vain. Apparently, I do not.

Trying to leave the old baggage, without reference to the specifics of today, he suffered a complete failure. And I’m so unconditionally rests on the relocation of tactics, focusing almost od-term single technique {Variations, but minor) Search surface white predators, that this day did not give any clues. No strings, for which the cost would pull to find the right technique. One thing is clear: none of what I have done today, tomorrow can not be done. Otherwise, and tomorrow will be lost for fishing … if it will, of course, fishing. Quite often overcast skies and rain faltering give some grounds to doubt …

Pokapatsya night — but the sunrise, although overcast, still inspires some hope, I’d have to go at least for the morning dawn. Before breakfast is run at near-point — and indeed enough expeditions. It seems that this time the need to ensure that the result is not down. Head to work, that’s what. Is there not a single clue, and yesterday was for nothing? It is necessary to solve the puzzle, to answer the question posed by the river. Time is limited. As in «what-where-when,» as in fishing competitions. Again, my turn. Will act as follows: in some ways, «on the contrary», and something — yet try to build on positive information, find it among the results of yesterday’s rout.

• on the contrary — it means, I will not be wound kilometers and try to stretch in one or two points in earnest a long time, as detailed as possible and deeper working through all the options available.

• But the second paragraph of the new plan — more difficult. What have we been positive? Two bites. One trivial, small pike in the grass near the shore anybody on any trail can bring. But Dzhigo-headed udarchiki — should play a more tightly. I never believed in the Southern Bug river MiG jig — but yesterday I had two bites, equal to the lure and jig. One to one. A casting was — in a different proportion, 50/1. This may be a hint, hint. And maybe — a simple coincidence. It is necessary to check the s check it out, I’ll be in great suvodi the threshold «Red Gate», exactly where I had last night someone knocked twister hook. Curly Grub-oe I have little, all the pieces of five or six in two colors: «poison» and «purple jelly.» Therefore, start with «Swing Impak-ta» three grams, just in case — are not toxic, but in a calm Universal olive coloring. And even if there is no permanent hooks — you can drive Twister with a capital …

Sitting on a rock, I start practicing suvodi. It is not entirely peaceful, of course — totally quiet coves in this area practically no. But twisted and slow jets allow adequately feel the bottom trehgrammovym load — the good, it is still rocky. Wind is almost does not interfere — it is strictly a counter, and almost subsided. Ticking off the near distance, then away — along the wall, from the, in my opinion, «sweet» places. Apparently, the water’s not quite the way I imagine — the quietest section suvodi in which I got a bite yesterday, gives no answer. Yesterday, I would have run away from here, and today — no, now sit back and start to methodically break through all of the available «mirror» fan-casting. My «Yamaga» this do not hesitate — on the contrary, its original Rockfish-specialization implies precisely this use of the tool, percussion relief, feeling the crevices between the rocks and bushes bottom vegetation. And finally — boom!

The bite of the river, jet predator almost always pleases the soul spinning uncompromising clarity and impact. I am not going to guess who’s on the hook — but after a few seconds unequal struggle my prey resets the mask itself. A candle in the middle suvodi! It pickerel. After a few moments, the final act, the fish neatly displayed on a flat stone, and I had a hard ofsetnik pull out from the bottom of his mouth. Actually, I had to sacrifice a leash — biting it, I pick up the hook hooked shiptsami from the gill slit and pull out assembly. It’s less traumatic than to dig it from the front — was able to do without the blood, and we disagree with convenient stone on a very positive note. Pike — in the depths of the river, I — in the camp. Breakfast (it is time), and continue to think. NaprdshёShё further dvizhё- ^ n ^ .nachinaёt emerge more clearly. You do not think I proupiral Xia in a jig, and jig just all those three hours? Correctly. I’m on the Southern Bug, and I drive on my own as I can, the thought of giving up voblernoy hunting white predators. Today, I took the time to check those golavlinyh and zhere-hovyh nuances to which yesterday got his hands — worked crumbs-ka-mionchikami (full disguise, only his nose sticking out of the bushes) in a very attractive suvodi previously brings biting medium-sized golavlikov (I already it seems to agree on any). From the rough «square» active collection tactics asp Popper moved to a more refined way to his seduction — amazing Ridge Slim 60 SS, Twi-chaschimsya certainly visited in this swift hunter places. It was beautiful, of course, «ka-fermions» flew right on target, drive close to the speaker of the jet stones and then «plant» in its «shadow». «Ridge», obeying precise rhythm beats apex (Narada not just as able to short «Yamaga»), drew their aerobatic maneuvers of water, reincarnated in a panic bleak. But it is — again in vain. And even little or no activity on top, although the water seems to be starting to subside. But quite muddy, she still …

So it is necessary to think that’s what a thought: this river just seems familiar and down. She now

— the other, and my illusion, based on previous successes, must be discarded together with confidence in the effectiveness of the favorite techniques. The thread that I felt — not broken, on the contrary — it clearly extends further. But the time to unravel this still a ball, will come in the evening. And yet — as the weather improved -nuzhno recall another snap of the Southern Bug. Here we go We’re not just for fishing, this is a special place. Here you can sit in a boat and make friends with the turbulent water rapids and Shiver so closely, they can not even fishermen. Almost like a fish, dive into its element. It clears the brain! I recommend … with a certain skill, of course. But it is precisely our company has remained from earlier times … that’s how we spent three hottest midday hours on Wednesday, 3/07.

Excellent ride and a wonderful lunch (we love to cook pilaf on fire, and are able to) set up a team on an extremely positive way. By the evening sunset we are again ready to continue their efforts to find the key to the intricate river. We decided to fish the whole company, easy-ji govaya point at which I started getting feedback from underwater creatures — and popular white fish catchers. A huge rock suvod for constantly giving local catches donochnikam and our fideristy have reason to hope for success. I sit on a rock with them at a company once’ll knock your reach (my fishing area — upstream, and we did not interfere with each other) -can be earned another bite. Or a couple … as lucky. Today I have not set strain, move, blacked out. Just to work in the most promising direction — it is also the most relaxed, which is easier

— sit on a rock and jig fan on omutku, hear the noise of the river, wait for the sunset. Enjoy great work wonderful tool both throwing and sensitive … and only some light, uhvatistogo in the palm of your hand, eh! They know how to please the Japanese soul spinning. Uploads wrist roll almost to the hilt, to form the wiring becomes rigid and sonorous, dzhigovat them (at least, in the middle of the test range) — it is a pleasure.

So it’s the right mood. And the first bite — a clear jab Okuneva — happened very soon, in the first ten casts as proof: this is the right path. Hooking! There are striped.

Given the relatively small (20 to 20 meters) the amount suvodi to fish it can be long, because this figure jets plesike — very intricate. There are spots still water and multi-directional flow. Slightly increases the distance, discovering not yet oblovlenny plot — and again (not immediately, but after a couple of casts) — a welcome punch! Now pickerel. Again, small — it is nothing better than to let go than suffer besklevem. Bites river predators -zhadnye, gambling, felt that the fish are not accustomed to think long and savor the prey. Enough! And it’s so cool is transmitted to the arm, biting out a click on the index finger — great. And another bite!

Wow. I’m the most brazen manner to invade the zone of interests of Dru-bonds-fideristov because the hook — you’ll laugh — two hundred grams of crucian carp. His little mouth, he managed to firmly grab the two-inch soft plastic bait, and also with a clear impact. Or is it a form unusually informative? In any case, I catch myself thinking — the fishing I have definitely like. I’m beginning to understand something, I stopped at the river bend their ideas — do something that gives positive feedback and MiG begins loves me. Perhaps we can move on? Can. Want bigger prey, it is time to mount Curly Grub 6 grams and banging aggressively on the bottom. You can not even offset, and an open hook — hooks virtually none. But not acidic

— on the «poison» in the morning was a mistake, and «olive» all eat very readily and reliably pinpoint. So, down with theory, giving a dark silicon.

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