The outgoing 1995 has safely be called a year of experimentation and «well-forgotten old». Almost half of all the lads metalworkers Rushed or ebullient Sea industrial research or to its an old vinyl collection, in order to inspire yourself to create something supposedly new, but the fact that … (see. The beginning of the article). And if the first is distributed mainly in the US and most of Europe, the second — the prerogative of the good old Germany. In fairness zemechu that with rare exceptions haerastye Fritz and Hans (not to be confused with Guns N’Roses) had generally not very innovation, often reviving in our memory genius of Thomas Edison with his famous phrase: «The man is willing to do anything would not only affect the mental effort. «

Group KREATOR, on the way, in fact, it goes further, throughout the career adhered to the idea set out in the above quote telegraph pope. The only exception is the only album ‘Renewal’, was not only a surprise to those whose sleeves and the back is decorated with dense immortal ‘Pleasure That Kill’ and ‘Coma Of Souls’, but are interested in a wide range of all kinds melomanskogo population. Experimental sound and ideas prohilyali pretty cool that perhaps more related to the achievements of industrial sound fashion and everything associated with this style of even the most Dalen way. However, its position Kreator kept short. Bombed big American tour and a series of concerts in Europe. Millet Petroza already twice changed the rhythm section and went to the next album, which was released on August 21 this year.

«We have decided that we have enough of experiments"- Said the leader Kreator. "After pioneering ‘Renewal’ returned to traditional elements of thrash, we more familiar and congenial. And the new musicians in the group have given some impetus, the impulse to continue aggressive style. «

Well, maybe it’s good, but Kreator did not do so convincingly, as some would like the Conservatives from trash. In any case, even such grayndkorovtsy to the bone like Carcass, recently showed us some candy, if desired, can be made from the same Terrible Certainty ‘or’ Extreme Aggression ‘- won it a lot a lot of love and acceptance, rather than for all their previous work together combined. As for the creators of the aforementioned albums, they have all turned out much worse. In any case, ‘Cause For Conflict’ — namely the so-called novelty — in the series although KgeaYug’ovskih plates hardly takes first place (but until recently it away). Even more sound quality spoils the impression — an impression that the master teyp allowed some demo!

Chef Kreator .in recent interview longer focuses on the so-called ideology of the ‘Cause For Conflict’, apparently very proud of his literary creations of the past two years: «Every musician should grow and develop. Therefore, we must be complete idiot, so many years to sing about Satan, turtles, corpses and other nonsense."

«On the new album — continues Petroza — "affected by a variety of social issues. ‘Crisis Of Disorder’, for example, knows us of racism. ‘Bomb Track’ — a sensational story of the bomb in Oklahoma, it happened just as we were in the United States. In general, in my opinion, this should be an aggressive music and aggressive lyrics. I remember it in its infancy, and know this from the letters of young fans Kreator. Although it is not necessary, and forget about the music itself, which still gave zhna-be in the foreground."

We will not, however, catch up on that Millet, for the music press is, after all, more cards, bluntly displaying their surroundings than a compass, Dumber indicating where to go in a dense forest of hard rock. And once someone buys a plate and cut into concerts — it means someone needs. Only here would like to see the circle of those in need was a little wider …

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