Theft of weapons and ammunition

Theft of firearms and ammunition pose an increased threat to public safety. Therefore, it is one of the most dangerous types of crimes. Usually such unlawful acts committed by armed assaults on guards, patrols, escorts; theft of weapons and ammunition left unattended during exercises, shooting and other locations of personnel; assignment gunmen got it for office use, as well as financially responsible, and officials in charge of its preparation, storage and delivery.

In order to prevent these violations is important to clearly comply with all instructions on accounting, storage and distribution of small arms and ammunition. Their storage is inadmissible in dilapidated buildings that are not equipped with adequate locks, a working alarm, external fencing and lighting. For work performed in the repository should be carried out constant monitoring. Inadmissibility of violation of the order of admission to the territory of the. What is important is the strict selection of candidates when appointing responsible for ensuring the safety of weapons and ammunition.

The subject of a special task commander — strict control of arms and ammunition contained in warehouses, constant monitoring by officials for their safety, conscientious work vnutriproverochnyh commissions.

It should be noted that individual commanders admit violations of the requirements of Art. 6 and 20 instructions bodies of inquiry of the Soviet Army and Navy for the immediate notification to the relevant military prosecutor the discovery of the fact of the crime and the organization of protection of the scene before the arrival of the investigator or prosecutor. Contrary to the requirements of this instruction at the scene for the analysis of the case allowed the various commissions of the parent bodies, officials parts inventory is organized in order to determine the actual number of stolen weapons and ammunition. As a result, the scene changed the situation, lost the trail of criminals.

If the theft of weapons yet occurred, the unit commander must clearly understand their actions, that he, as a body of inquiry must be carried out before the arrival of the investigation team.

First of all, he is obliged to guard the scene and the surrounding area. This is due to the fact that traces of the crime are stored for a limited time, so apply forensic technique is most effective on the first day. Important to keep the scene intact than the inept conduct inspection. Therefore, in order to prevent the destruction of traces at the scene, it is first necessary to close access to him and to the immediately adjacent territories to outsiders and officials, whatever their official position and rank. It should also immediately report the incident to the military prosecutor’s office.

It temporarily restrict layoffs, moving in and out of personnel, leaving vehicles and military equipment outside of the location. To strengthen control duty service at the checkpoint, and part of KTP, checking vehicles taken out on their property, as well as those traveling from the location of parts. It must be established patrols around the area of ​​the exposed and outfits have unprotected outputs and breaches in the fence.

Be sure to enhanced monitoring of visitors in the room of the progress meetings with the military in order to prevent the transfer and removal of the abducted. Set what violations were committed by the persons responsible for the custody and possession of weapons and ammunition. Identifies the person to depart from units on the day of the theft, as well as time, the goal of absences and the place where he was a soldier. Organized collecting information about who of the personnel showed an increased interest in a particular type of weapon and ammunition, he expressed his intention of acquiring them. Through the unit commanders exercise control over persons suspected of theft.

The unit commander, using the rights granted to it by the Charter, should check the guardhouse and its equipment. Particular attention is drawn to a possible hiding place of the stolen. He has to take drastic measures, including removal from the guard, separation, and establishing the brig guilty of misconduct, objectively facilitated the theft.

A clear commitment contained complex of urgent investigative actions and other events, the timely start of the investigation by the military prosecutor’s office in conjunction with the command as a body of inquiry will greatly facilitate and accelerate the establishment of the criminal search of stolen weapons and ammunition.

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