Third — in order

At the time, RAV4 their appearance in the world opened a new segment, which proved to be extremely popular. Competitors woke up at once, and for a long time, «Toyota» spud bed of compact crossovers in splendid isolation. However, even after the «Rafik» declared rivals, «Japanese» did not give their onslaught, showing consistently high sales due to the carefully balanced set of properties. In particular, the machine of the first two generations differed enviable reliability. Does it in the list of advantages of the third generation machine? It’s time to find out.


For almost twenty years the model RAV4 buyers to love is not cool any degree: each subsequent modification sold better and better. Even in the crisis years of the car beckoned crowds of shoppers! The secret to success is simple: Japanese origin, good off-road ability, plus imputed price.

«Rafik» third generation — factory index HA30 — came to us in 2006, and four years later the Japanese refreshed «vehicle for an active holiday with 4 leading» (Recreational Active Vehicle 4 Wheel drive -That’s what this abbreviation) and at the same time complement the range of the extended version. Short modification could buy a 2-liter engine, front- or all-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive cars equipped with only manual and 4×4 version could be a «manual» and «automatic» — as the AKP acted variator. The version with extended wheelbase (LWB) has earned a more powerful engine of 2.4 liter and a full «automatic» torque converter.

Equipping all cars more than generous: in the basic version includes a complete set of security tools (7 airbags, ABS), plus full power accessories, air-conditioning, «music» and so on, and the top-end «Prestige» flaunts leather, navigation and xenon.

The three-year «Rafik» today costs from 750,000 to 1,150,000 rubles, whereas in the current machine, the fourth generation of dealers are asked a million rubles and higher. Therefore, a discount of 250000-400000 rubles. It looks very tempting. And yet, let’s explore the possibility that the costs of the «Japanese».


Rust on the three years of the machines does not occur — the paint withstands corrosive environments. Yet inspect the hood: sometimes near the radiator grille appear spots of corrosion — the so-called «bugs.» Eliminate them, usually under warranty; treatment at their own expense is worth 9500 rubles.

Even the stern door, which hangs heavy, «reserve», does not droop, but only begins to creak — though very rarely. The adjustment is not treated, you just have to grease silicone. Funny cost 300 rubles.

An electrician no remarks: as in the previous generation vehicle, in HA30 simply nothing to break, say servismeny. The «Toyota» no complex components — hence unproblematic. All children’s ailments were cured by 2008, so that the three-year cars will not deliver a hassle to the new owner.

Do not forget about prevention

Neither one of the nodes, whether the «mechanics», «automatic» or CVT, complaints from domestic servismenov not. Clutch on modifications to the PCR is at least 100 000 km and varies traditionally set — drive plus cart. But the mechanical version, we do not particularly popular, so most trehletok equipped with the automatic transmission to which no complaints. And CVT, and the «machine» is extremely reliable, and dealers do not recall them ever changed.

No problems with the unit which transmits the torque to the rear wheels in the four-wheel drive versions. Unlike fellow working class here is not which has recently become very popular, «Haldeks» with electronic control and a simple and reliable viscous coupling. If it is followed, according to the regulations changing the oil every 40,000 km, and not to force the car extreme «power» riding on the road, it will last a long time. But if you neglect routine prophylaxis, there can be problems, and quite expensive. First clutch complain health distinctive rumble from the bottom. Ignoring the problem, you will eventually get monoprivodnom car, the clutch will have to change a whole, which is quite expensive.

Problems with integrity

All of them are also considered problemlos. Both motors are easily digested our fuel is not even the highest quality. In the timing chain works, which is a minimum of 200000 km. When the time comes to replace due to stretching, it will notify the importunate strum. Seat attachments usually go 60,000 — 70,000 km.

To detail necessary to carry water pump 2.4-liter engine — the years he begins to leak. Simple sealing can not do here: the pump will have to change completely. Can leak and the radiator, but it will happen no earlier than 150,000 km.

On the market there are modifications to the petrol V6 3.5-liter and diesel versions — these cars were in Russia to bypass the authorized dealers. Reliable statistics about these units do not have the domestic masters.

No heroism!

The chassis is the «Rafik» — mainstream in its purest form: the front wheels are suspended on the racks, «McPherson», rear multi-link suspension set. The front lower control arms will last at least 150 000 km, and the resource rear trailing arm usually is 100 000 km. The front shock absorbers on our roads can run against 80 000-100 000 km, and will hold back 50 000 more. Silent blocks and anthers are unlikely to deliver a hassle before 150,000 km, but it depends on how active service road reagents fertilize streets in winter.

For electric power steering have no complaints, but the steering rack survivability is no different: it may end before they reach up to 70 thousand — it will become clear when you hear the tapping of the irregularities. Craftsmen are trying to repair it, but this kind of poultice can extend her life by not more than 10 000-20 000 km. It makes more sense to change once the new item. Yes, it’s expensive — but safe and reliable.

Brake pads front and rear withstand 40,000 — 50,000 km, the wheels go twice as long.

We buy?

With the exception of the steering rack of the third generation machine proved a worthy successor to the first two editions of RAV4, which differed phenomenal reliability. Three-year vehicles do not have any chronic sores and able for a long time to please the second owner of good health. But before buying still pay close attention to diagnosis, especially of the rack and coupling all-wheel drive. And remember that the original parts from the «Toyota» is not cheap, and the gap between short-sales service — every 10,000 km. A small consolation was that for the repair of cars older than three years, the dealers usually offer a discount they can reach 40% for work and 20% for spare parts.

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