This multilateral DIAMOND

LLC «supervisor», created in 2005, is part of the holding A-Class Group and today is a dynamically developing company that promotes the domestic market products under its own brand Prorab. Today, the range of the brand more than a thousand positions of power tools, hardware, garden tools and equipment, among which are particularly noteworthy line of diamond tools.

Cut-Off Wheels

The main type of diamond tools, the company proposed «supervisor» — cutting discs for angle grinders and electric Tile. Being the most famous and most popular kind of diamond tooling, such circles are presented in a variety of options: continuous and segmented, including turbocharged, flat and pan, concrete and ceramic. Diamond cutting discs Prorab used when cutting concrete of different grades, masonry, ceramic tiles, including floor, and many other building materials. In working with them, diamond cutting discs abrasive ousted long ago, and apparently for good. In addition to the cut-off wheels, in the range of present and sanding accessories — Grinding cup or pan circles.

Cutting diamond wheel is a disc made of high-strength structural steel, which can withstand high mechanical loads even when serious heating. On the periphery of the steel disk soldered diamond segments or is a continuous diamond layer. Such segments, or the entire layer as a whole, made of a special metal alloy and various additives — a kind of binder to which was added diamonds.

Diamond blades are divided into solid and segmented. The solid usually superior segmental cutting accuracy and processing accuracy resulting from their application surface, they give virtually no chips on the cutting line. However, they are inferior in performance segment. Although among the solid disc has its own division, and depending on the purpose for the processing of the material is recommended this particular instance, it is possible to draw some conclusions about its characteristics. Mark the original rough diamond, his grit and concentration of diamonds in a bundle, as well as the type of the bunch, is determined by its composition — all this is directly dependent on the type of material being processed. Circle, designed for cutting ceramic, most likely, will provide a clean and clean cut than the circle on the concrete. Segmented wheels are characterized by high performance and long service life — the grooves between the segments provide efficient cooling, which not only allows you to raise the cutting speed on the disk with a solid edge, but also extends the life of equipment. Discs with a so-called turbo-edge, or turbo, can be either segmented or with a continuous edge. Presented in line Prorab turbo wheels with a solid edge characterized by the most efficient removal of sludge from the cutting area, which ensures clean cut and high speed performance.

Diamond wheels are divided into more and cooling principle: most require mandatory water supply to the cutting zone.


Diamond grinding cup-circles (sometimes they are called cutters) are designed to smooth the joints and sagging concrete, which are formed by the removal of formwork in concrete construction. They can also be used for sanding flat surfaces of natural stone, to remove various defects before finishing. Diamond cup used as an accessory for special grinding machines or hand-held angle grinders. Diamond cup is a typical cup-like steel casing, or even tarelkopodobnoy form with soldered diamond segments. Depending on the purpose and application, they contain a different number of segments that differ in shape and size, to meet diamond cup-wheels and with a continuous diamond layer.

Segmented grinding cup usually contain one or two rows of segments, and in rare cases and more. Classic cup wheel — double row, two rows of diamond segments provide high quality grinding and high service life. As diamond saw blades, diamond grinding cup can be turbocharged. Due to more efficient removal of sludge from the cutting area such cups are not only work with greater productivity, but also provides a greater degree of smoothness of the treated surface.

The company «supervisor» has prioritized the development of its activities and to achieve an optimal balance of price and performance properties of the products.

The whole range of products offered under the brand Prorab, designed for the general population. All goods are certified in Russia.

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