To not carry air

There are awkward loads such as long-length tube. For them, the way to container transportation unprofitable. Return lengthy containers usually do not add up, making capacity of the train is used by only 8-11%.

Folding lengthy containers generally not commercially available. They are complex, and in the manufacture and exploitation, for in them the hinges, locks and other extra parts and assemblies.

Knowing this, we are at in VNIEKI of packaging designed for the transport of non-ferrous metal pipe non-folding-metal container — a long rectangular box with sides in a grid.

«Are you, too, enrolled in the sellers of air?» — Laughed at us at the institute. «They can not parallelepiped with the same options to invest in each other. Have you ever remember the laws of geometry? «

And why exactly, it is necessary to invest exactly one container to another? What if it is just to move backward or forward! You just need to stand alone during storage fell between racks of another, and the upper connecting bars lay on one another.

Only by inserting at least one of the front sides must be open. And what is a container without end wall?

But the barrier of the «impossibility» has been overcome. The apparent at first glance, be an important advantage of the lack of container. The open end was to be used for docking containers to each other, to make a removable end wall, and when you return to install it next to the «dull».

Calculations showed that for the transport of long loads of all sizes need only three types of containers — length

2600, 3600 and 4600 mm

Bracing the side walls directed upward toward the open end. This reduced the own weight of the container and allowed to mechanize the work when returning empty containers. Now, when inserting one container to another rack upper container mounted on the struts of the lower and upper container under its own weight slides down. It forms a dense stand. When folded, the empty containers take up to 4 times less space than loaded

The container has been recognized by the invention (a. A. Number 403621, the authors Mr. P. Grigoriev, Yu Sukhov, IN Kurdyukov), approved by the Interdepartmental Commission and is now commercially available from Alatyrsky by the Ministry of Railways.

The use of containers for transportation of pipes increases the level of mechanization of loading and unloading operations from 24% to 92%. The economic effect of about 2 000 rubles. for each container. The introduction of the containers only in the non-ferrous metals can give savings of 1.7 mln. Rubles. in year.

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