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Someone Gregory sign on the podcast «Radio T», which he is co-author of seven years. To some he is remembered for performances at various tehnotusovkah. Someone saw him GitHub’e projects. But the blitz survey conducted in the edition, showed that no one knows what he does in real life. The closest to the truth version was: «Well, probably something like an evangelist.» In fact, everything is more complicated. It’s Yandex. And it’s Bobuk.

If someone has an English asks me what I do, I have a great phrase: I do my best. I’m doing everything that I can do the best I can do. It’s true, I do not grimacing soul. If I see some of the work that I do and I understand that no one else before her now does not reach, I take and make.

Yandex — such a company where you can work with his hands at any time. When tragedy struck and died Ilya Segalovich, we decided that we need to make a site of memory. This site takes 5-6 people, including — I am one of the leaders of our destinations. One figachit arms code, others do resayzilku pictures. We have literally everything from cleaners and ending with the leaders of the big trends in the state to work with his hands and love to do it.

I usually say that Yandex is bad — here you need to work.

Yandex Before I worked as a technical director, but tired to manage people, and I said, «I want to work with your hands.» I was ready to go to Yandex, if I take just the administrator.

After a short interview, they took me to work in Yandex. But after a week it became clear that I was «thrown»: here it is necessary to work not only with his hands but also his head. Six months later I again bred slaves. After another year and a half I was on an unhappy coincidence, moved from server management to people management and development. And so it went — a group, department, direction … In general, work in Yandex me to fig.

My responsibilities — a sad topic. The last couple of years I was engaged in that makes life easier Ilya Segalovich. Just took off his task. Now Elijah was gone, and there was the big question — what to do? And suddenly there came the realization that everything must be done to all the concepts that were after him, to realize. A lot of them. I figured … only their five years we accurately enough.

Can we go somewhere? It is also a sad story. The fact is that people who work in Yandex, more in Russia there is no place to go simply.


Nobody understands what it means to «director of technology diffusion.» The name came up when there was a need to stick to me at least some post. It stuck, and I’m not worried.

I am speaking as a gateway between the company «Yandex» and the outside world. I am trying to get out technologies that are created within the company, and good tools, which are outside — to pull inward. This comfortable position. Because I know very well and always follow what is happening in the world. And while I enjoy some authority within the company and know what is going on inside.

In general, keep track of everything that is done in Yandex, is not easy. Still, the company employs five thousand people.

People involved in a certain area of ​​technology or know about the new technology, but do not always have time to try everything. So often the situation when somebody comes to me and someone asks, «Have you tried

Cassandra? How is she?». And you start to talk about all the horrors and delights of Cassandra, almost «Shine and poverty of open source».

By the way, if a developer like, say, Cassandra, it does not mean that he will use it in production. The administrator will come and say, «Guys, we tried this thing many times and, to put it mildly, do not know how to use it, it is not suitable for our work. Let’s get out of this or that. «

On the other hand, you need to be aware of what is happening in the world, all you need to read and try hands. Read to understand where the market is heading, internet, technology. And always try something before anyone else, to have their own opinion about what it is. For example, reading about Windows Phone and thinking about what is behind it, it is possible to imagine some kind of horror. But when you touch it by hands, you realize that it is not so bad.

Also, you need to pull out a new concept of our developers and people who work with his hands. So, last year we took out «Islands». It is necessary to bring the idea to the company, and sometimes make some concepts out.

The announcements we are making at a conference for developers, a lot of my work. Take, for Yet another Conference (YaC). By the way, this year there will be a separate section for infobezopasnosti.

To be in the subject, I have samopisny tool for reading news. The system, which allows you to aggregate the 500 pieces of news flow and choose from them in semi-automatic mode that can be potentially interesting to me. Something like Prismatic’a only made long before it arrives.

Traditional news aggregators believe transitions and clicks, and I need more. I often still do not understand what this snippet, I pass on the link to find out that there is. For me, more important, for how long I stayed on the page proskrollil I first page squandered down, and so on.

Search team

The birth of a new project in Yandex is usually tied to the agreements. Most often it is: a person who burns a certain idea. This person may be a techie, and may even work in customer service. He begins to run on us with cries of «Let’s do it!».

He eventually someone convinces people get together and discuss how we can make this service.

When they go to the company, for example in the direction of his head, and say, «There is such a brilliant thing, let’s do it.» And there are many parties involved.

There are programmers. They program. They often have a team lead — a man who runs a certain group. As a rule, he also programs. Programmers are divided into server and client side, as it is a completely different area of ​​expertise.

About Yandex admins need to understand that our average admin programs better than the average programmer in the market. For a long time our administrators generally written entirely their OS for use within the company. So programmers to easily negotiate with the admins about how the project will look like from the server perspective.

Scary is not like the term «specialist user experiences However, our designers — are specialists who understand how to work with the user interface. They draw, design the interface of the future application or website.

There are guys Anton Karpov (director of Yandex IB), they mostly hit the hands of system administrators. They do so from the outset it was clear and safe. They monitor to use only safe ingredients that all have been tested.

There are testers. And there are different testers, both functional (to check all the relevant statements of the idea), and load testers who so well know how to check to see if the service falls under the load that sometimes you have to rewrite everything.

Between all of the above is the «glue». This person is called a «project manager». He — router messages, «the man with iron legs», which runs on all sides, and tells everyone what’s going on.

And then there is the head of product. This position can take any of these people. It defines, in what direction will develop the product. He has a kind of vision, he understands the concept as a whole.

Typically, the project is fixed within a certain direction. For example, is the direction of the search, maps, or communication services. And at the top of each project, as a rule, it is the head of a direction. He directs a bit going on in the right direction.

And it also happens that some product makes one person. This happened more than once. In short, Yandex generally very flexible roles.


I well remember the first time interested in computers when I realized that this is something contrary to the parents. My parents always told me that you need to deal with here in jurisprudence or medicine, and I happened to see on the parents of his friend with this computer. The impression is, of course, was indescribable. Then I realized it was not what my parents want, and then — this is what I need!

Passion was incredible. The computer then I could see a maximum of once a week, when you come to visit us on the work of the parents of a friend. All the rest of the time

About Ilya Segalovich

It is not possible to assess who the Elijah Company. It is not just a co-founder of Yandex — he was the man who built the very spirit of the company. For example, how should build relationships between developers and managers. How should work. What is right and what is not.

He decides not only at the initial stage, and until the very end. For example, in its draft that he sent to a narrow group of people, it was one of the most important decisions on the restructuring of the company’s development. We have brought this concept to the mind and implemented after his death.

He was a man, which largely determine how to develop the company in terms of technology, in terms of products. The only thing that Ilia in a global sense is not engaged — is the investment component of the company. During the rest of Ilya was immersed in full.

Someone is about to begin screaming that the programmer — to write code, but do not communicate. But it does not happen. Do not be that person does not communicate within the team. If not, most likely, part of this team makes one part of — is quite another. Because of this, it is collapsing the entire development process.

I often say that a good programmer can write code for no more than four hours a day. The rest of the time he had already turned off the brain, and he was not able to engage in creative activities. In fact, people who have never programmed, and did not work, believe that four hours — it is very small. But it’s a lot. From my own experience I know that program four hours a day — an explosion of brain. The brain simply follows through the ears.

From interviews we all pretty simple. The interview is divided into several stages, different skills are tested: whether I took on a purely theoretical research. No Internet did not exist.

I still kept a notebook where I wrote the program by hand. Check them out on real hardware I could not, so I myself served as a computer, that is all he proschityval. And then at some point, I happen to be near a computer, I took out a notebook and quickly all perenabival, checking that everything was in order to make corrections to the code on both sides — in what won and what he wrote. It was very interesting.

My first job in the IT looked like this: I wrote bootloader’bi. At the time, we began to blossom riotous color Spectrum’h, and worse — were first Spectrum with the drive. A couple of companies, which are then sold in Russia discs had begun to produce their own CDs with selection of games. Of course, all this was a 100% warez, because then nothing legally sold.

To the disk then it was fashionable to do bootloader — the program in assembly language, which runs the first after you insert a disc. That’s the time I was engaged in serial production of the most downloaders — beautiful program, with a traveling band, colored begraundami, all as expected. And the money came out good. I remember very well that I was earning more than his father at the factory.

Later, working as a programmer, I spent a lot of time to ride to different countries: I was just wondering train. He took a short contracts and for several months engaged in pattern recognition, work with sound, digitizing the data from the satellites — in short, a lot of different interesting and not things. I just wanted to travel around the world.

It was exciting, but sooner or later it had to end. In the end, I first went to engage ASPLinux (subsidiary SWSoft, which is now called Parallels), after some time working on itself, and then the familiar guys invited me to go to Yandex.

Education I have a non-core, no relation to IT, I have not. By and large, there is no «thirst for IT» I did not exist. I was rushing on two things: on the interest and technology from the products that can benefit people.

To benefit people now have to deal with IT. Because it is the easiest way to reach what some 10-15 million people. After all, Yandex — a big company, there are no services, used by less than a million people.

HOW TO GET Yandex?

To get to work in Yandex is very simple: you need to be an expert. In any area. Wherever you want to work, you have to be a professional in this field. As long as you are not going to them, you are unlikely to come get.

But there are many things on which people drop out. In addition to professional skills (ie, the programmer should be able to program, known algorithms), it is important to both. For example, it is very difficult to work with people who absolutely do not know how to communicate.

There are vacancies, where the code is not being asked to write, but are asked to solve a puzzle. Not in the sense of «how many balls fit on Mount Fuji», and some real logical problem of a simple type. If you take a person who want to take a potential system architect, he offered to design some service. Just take and large blocks, large strokes of his mark. So we understand suits us or not.


Podcast audience has more than ethereal radio.

You know, somehow I ended up on the same radio. I was invited to a morning show and was asked, «Well, what are you doing out there on the Internet?» I explained that we are doing the show and that he had an audience of more than just a factor of four. They are so offended: resentment on his face just read!

Radio-T — this show. With all the ensuing consequences. It is often planned. For example, before we often agree who will be «for» and who is «against» a particular theme. Because if everyone will be «for», it will sound bad.

Sometimes you have to consciously, having prepared in advance, to talk nonsense. That people then climbed into the Internet and began to tell what we are all stupid. On the one hand it is heavy. You think: «Damn, now everyone will call me stupid!» On the other hand, then so much joy because you know — people are not just something to write, they went prepared, read, tell us what we’re all stupid, and I feel better and smarter.

By podcasting it is already difficult to treat as a hobby. Recently, I sat and wrote out the numbers of the Radio-T for the report and found that this year will be seven years, as we do it. How can you engage in seven years in the same hobby?

We can not say that Radio-T — a non-profit project. We have audiovstavki, have custom themes (when people come to us and asked to discuss the topic). But there is an important point: Radio-T — this is a very hard show. Even if you sponsor a certain theme, it does not mean that we will cover it positively. The only thing we guarantee, — a reference to the theme. Maybe all the discussions will result in a «yes, well, kind of garbage — who came up with it at all?».

Record we are on Skype. Typically, the entire flow is going to one of us, and directly translated into about fifty broadcasting servers. Online, we listen not so many people — about two thousand people.

Some of these people sitting and chatting happily writes posts that also incredibly fascinating process. It has developed its own small parties, there are very smart people, there are less intelligent.

When we put a new issue, the crowd rushes his swing. Directly from our servers swings around one hundred thousand people. Another two hundred thousand swing through various torrent … In general, we have a fairly large audience, and we built a real folk CDN, to distribute the files. So when you come to Radio-T to download the next issue, you do not know from whose server is actually downloads it.

Of course, virtually all we are told that it is very necessary video, but the video featuring production is very expensive. Take, for human resources. Plus the need to hire a human operator, who will sit «in the air» — air operator that will enclose the desired image, as we speak. And you do not want to strain too. Everyone has a different job, and laid out so as part of this side of the project — is difficult.

It’s just a great thing.

Each pursues something different, of course, and often achieves this. My goal — to make sure that people are centered around this show, becoming smarter, more educated and more likely to pay attention to what is happening. And I think that helps.

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