Transporter tractor GT-MU-1: FEATURES

Experience in operating the conveyor SG-MU revealed ways of improving its performance, improved reliability and durability of parts, components and assemblies. So, the upgraded conveyor tractor GT-MU-1 is forced on carbureted four-speed V-shaped eight-cylinder engine 3M3-73 power 88 kW (120 hp..). Apply two-chamber carburettor with a falling stream mixture and balance of the float chamber. Its design is such that the free access to all the jets so their washing and flushing is carried out without disassembling the carburetor.

To reduce the complexity of the maintenance system air supply auxiliary air intake is provided, which is mounted on the hatch cover middle of the engine compartment and is connected via a corrugated hose with a cap 6 of the filter housing. It should be remembered that in order to avoid air leaks and damage to the carburetor during the installation of the air filter is necessary to follow the correct location and the condition of the seals and the bracket I.

Closed crankcase ventilation system, forced. The gases from the crankcase at the expense of vacuum created in the intake pipe supply system. There is a system in the following way. When the engine is idling at low loads gases from the crankcase ventilation hose sucked in through the intake manifold and enters the cylinder. On medium and full load they get into the air filter and the carburetor through the intake manifold.

Recall that during the operation of the conveyor, special attention should be paid to the tightness of the ventilation system and not allow the engine to operate at the open oil filler cap.

During assembly of the separator is required to make sure that the rubber gasket ensures the seal interface, and connections are tight. All this not only improves the efficiency of the engine, but also the conditions of habitability of the crew and landing.

Four fuel tank (370 liter capacity) are arranged pairwise and are mounted in special nadgusenichnyh compartments within the housing of the conveyor, which are closed by lids armor. Cruising at the same time increased to 600 km. By powering the motor system tanks are connected through two three-way cock, which are located on the rear bulkhead of the engine compartment. The fuel level is controlled by the electric pointer located on the instrument panel.

To extend the life and reduce flammability Muffler exhaust system made of stainless steel and are attached to the outlet pipes by means of flanges.

The conveyor tractor-mounted gear drive the cooling fan with a circular cutting gear teeth, which significantly reduce noise during its operation. For greater reliability, increased pulley hub mounting threaded portion of the shaft pinion gear and self-locking nut is used.

Significant changes have undergone the transmission parts and assemblies and undercarriage. In particular, the final drive shafts reinforced. Thus, the diameter of the drive shaft is increased to 45 mm, and the slave — 70 mm. Improve the reliability of the mechanism of rotation achieved by changing the width of the brake drums up to 165 mm and applying the twin steel belts with riveted them asbestobakelitovymi plates.

Driving wheels caterpillar drive belt have an increased diameter of the hub and equipped with removable gear rings that are attached to the disk bolts and nuts the locked unbendable washers. As a result of increased service life of the caterpillar tracks and improve maintainability.

Recall also that the wear of the teeth crowns on one side and 10 mm wheels is recommended to rearrange the starboard side to the left and vice versa, when the total wear tooth profile on both sides of a 22 mm crowns replaced with new ones.

Caterpillar transporter has a rubber mount, rubber treadmill truck and applied it engages with the drive wheel push type. This design allowed it to eliminate thrust when driving on snow and increase the service life of up to 12 thous. Km. Set on a caterpillar chassis so that the tracks located on the bottom two eyelets forward. Be sure to adjust its tension. If a screw mechanism is not provided, it is allowed to remove one track, but no more. Removal of a greater number of links leading to excessive step caterpillars and violation of its engagement with the drive wheel.

It must be remembered that building caterpillar fingers pressed into the hole shoe eyelets so that the solid side of the rubber grommets facing the outer surface thereof. It should use a special screw device, which is available in ZIPe conveyor. Offset fingers does not occur due to interference rubber.

To reduce the weight of the car on it used aluminum rollers and idlers. On the rim of the roller pressed onto two steel rings, the end surfaces are induction hardened. The hub roller ball bearings pressed into the middle of the series, which significantly increased their longevity. Since the front support roller receives higher impact loads, it has increased the carrying capacity of the bearing, ensure greater hub. By design, it is interchangeable with the steering wheel.

Reinforced rocker guide wheels, as well as to increase the diameter torsion bars: the front and 34 mm to 32 mm medium. Reinforced shock absorbers mounted levers with spacer ring. Front torsion bars produced from steel 45HN2MFA (instead of steel 60S2A), used more energy the rubber buffers, resulting in improved smooth running machine.

To improve agility afloat conveyor equipped with hydrodynamic grids that are mounted in the stowed position inside the troop compartment at the fuel tanks. In overcoming water barriers are installed in the deployed position on the wing of the car.

For firing in case there are loopholes. In the department of management are located in the left sheet for the driver and right — for the commander, and in the troop — in the rear doors and top hatch covers. To protect the crew from injury shoot sleeves, complete machines are gilzootrazhateli, which are attached to a special bracket.

The seats of the driver and the commander of the air adjustment mechanism (height), which greatly improves visibility when driving the car. For the commander of an additional observation instrument MK-4H, which can be rotated by 180 °. In the troop compartment at the top of the walls there are two motor blower.

The body of the conveyor is equipped with attachment points of the parachute system has a device for discharging the suspension in landing on the tractor serial platform P-7 AN-12B, IL-76, AN-22.

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