Trent Reznor wants to go back to the top.

We meet with Trent Reznor in a huge warehouse in Los Angeles, where the leader of Nine Inch Nails is preparing for the first show of his new band Legs That Destroy Angels. «Almost all the rock concerts wildly sad — he says. — Are you listening to the song, much better heard in the recording, and before you certainly looms some idiot with a telephone. «

Trent does not want to play by the described scenario. Now he stands on the narrow platform where five musicians fit in the middle of thousands of surgical tubes that make up the screen for video projections. Reznor can not start without a rehearsal of his colleagues — Atticus Ross and Alessandro Cortini, but they were locked in his house, to complete a new instrumental loops. That was three hours ago. («Now I am moderately optimistic, though it has a few nervous stage,» — says Trent.) Also in the Destroy Angels How That includes his wife Mariqueen Maandig Reznor and Rob Sheridan visual genius.

Maandig working on in the dressing room make-up — she spent half a day with the blue-black face, checking one of the effects to show. When they met with Trent, she sang in the band West Indian Girl. In 2009, they got married, and now they have two sons. «These relationships have been encouraging for me and comfortable — says Reznor. — She’s a musician, I’m a musician. It was a matter of time to tell each other: «Let’s do something together.»

This summer again Reznor plans to go on tour with Nine Inch Nails. The new structure included Adrian Belew of King Crimson, as well as an old friend Trent, guitarist Robin Finck, «tour was more like a privilege than a duty — says Trent. — We have a lot of thought as to collect our car again and make the actual performances. » In the end, when Reznor came to the following decision: «We are going to use dabstepovye bits in every song,» — he says with a completely straight face.

The band members going on the free space of the stage. All dressed in black except for Russia who dared to don a gray T-shirt. How That Destroy Angels play a dozen songs, and even without the presentation of visual effects is absolutely hypnotic character. Music rises like the tide, drawn by gravitational force to vote Maandig. The screen of the tubes appear the abstract lunar landscapes, the birds in flight. Sheridan makes people on the scene to look like them all the time shown on the video with different quality. «Home — this is the end — the couple is singing — and it comes again and again.»

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