UEL born in the «Parnassus»

For three days — from 1 to 3 March 2011 in St. Petersburg, in the factory lifting equipment UAB «Enterprise Parnassus», conducts training seminars for engineers, installers, engineers lifts microprocessor-controlled. The theme of the seminar: «UEL — modern elevator control system: fundamental differences, advantages, particularly exploitation.»

Leaders of 47 companies took part in the regional meeting. 92 were trained specialist.

The necessity and urgency of technical training, solving the problems of the meeting is clear. Of great interest to this event dedicated elevator enterprises of Northwest region — confirmation.

Seminars and meetings were initiated and held with the active participation of the Northwest Control Rostekhnadzor, the Russian lift association of manufacturers of elevator equipment, Scherbinsky Elevator Plant, Northwestern administration of «SCHLZ», OOO «E-Lift» — developer of control systems with cabinets series » UEL «, CJSC» company Parnas «- the manufacturer of control cabinets» UEL «in the North-West region.

Direct open communication developers, manufacturers and fitters lift control systems, service organizations -smely and responsible step for all participants of the seminar-meeting.

On the podium, on the podium in the hall — high professionals — liftoviki who know each other for decades. Demagogy, advertisement, empty promises are not tested. Everyone needs a result: one — reliable and modern design, a simple adjustment of elevators, quality assurance, the other — the popularity of the development in the region engaged in the production, high sales.

The experience of previous communication developers, manufacturers, operators and organizations mounted lifts was not easy. Parties are not always able to hear each other, to find a common view, to draw conclusions of interest to all participants.

The March meeting liftovikov proved constructive and professional. Many participants of the seminar in advance and were confident of a positive result. For this there is a lot of unconditional confidence reasons.

On the elevator market, intense competition, manufacturers are interested in the market for consumers. Lift the plants take «adopt» best management systems development. Today «UEL» — the best development. Factory — control cabinets — knowing that the reliability of the elevator depends on the quality of design and manufacture of the cabinet, use a reliable technology, high-quality hardware products.

Now the main thing. Regional consumer need for high quality lifting equipment, the actual performance of the warranty — and not in some distant future, after the reclamation of correspondence with the factory — the elevator factory — cabinet, pre-acceptance-developer and once today!

About 70% of the guarantee trouble Elevator Plant due to the imperfection of the control system.

Conclusion leaders Petersburg simple. If the lift is delivered to the region from the control cabinet «UEL», produced by the local JSC «enterprise Parnassus» any problems with the guarantees of these cases, of course, decides to CJSC «company Parnas» — now, quickly, with me!

Representatives of «Scherbinsky Lift Plant» told the participants about his company, about his new production, measures to improve the operation of the plant in terms of quality and customer relationships.

Commercial Director Scherbinsky Elevator Plant AV Tsygankov in his speech proposed the creation of a joint venture: Scherbinsky Elevator Plant — «Enterprise Parnassus», the purpose of which will produce high-quality modern products that can withstand not only psevdoproizvoditelyam rushing to the Russian market, but also competitive with the products of leading brands. It will be «St. Petersburg Elevator Plant Parnassus.»

Quality Director of JSC «SCHLZ» Y. Radin devoted his speech to Shcherbinsky elevators, said that waiting for the plant to customers during the year, what kind of products the company will offer, what are the new features and peculiarities. In addition, he said, as the Scherbinsky Elevator Plant perform warranty service commitment in St. Petersburg, how they see their performance the organizers of the new joint venture after it started to work.

General Director of the Russian Association of lift SA Chernyshov told the participants that the non-profit partnership self-regulated organization «Russian lift association» is currently 42 enterprises producing products elevator. SART attaches paramount importance to the support of regional producers. The big danger for productive market in Russia, according to SA Chernyshov, are «psevdoproizvoditeli» declares itself as about the plants, but in reality do not have to produce any relation.

The company Parnas 33 years of industrial activity on the Russian market and, above all, of St. Petersburg has received a well-deserved reputation as a responsible specialized manufacturer of elevator, the general director of the SART. He expressed confidence that the joint production company, which is now organized Scherbinsky Elevator Plant and CJSC «company Parnas», not only will strengthen the benefits of each of these respected members of the Russian lift association, but also create additional benefits for consumers.

General Director of «Enterprise Parnassus» EI Kaiser said:

— Elevating Community Petersburg welcomed the holding of a training seminar on the microprocessor control system. In due time, you need relevant, a pleasant surprise -free. New lift, Lift plant released today, must have worked a minimum of 25 years. Over the very long term wear elevator not only physically, even more is happening obsolescence of equipment, and this applies especially to electronics, its hardware components, software products.

Professionals Petersburg appreciate good quality control box «UCL» he positively proven itself in operation. This cabinet is based, and it is known to all, on the development of the «UL», keeping all the traditions of the series. Now recall that the cabinet «UL» comes with elevators for about 20 years, «UCL» with no fundamental differences from analog «UL» comes 12 years. Add to this another 25 years of operation and conclude new lifts for this development is outdated.

Wardrobe «UEL» — the product of a new generation. Taking the previous development series «UL» all positive, taking into account the wealth of experience operating processor systems, the developer went on. Created cabinet that the level of world requirements for management systems and design, and the software and hardware components, and processing power, and laid it as an opportunity.

JL Gorki, General Director of «e-LIFT» noted that the control cabinets series «UEL» did not appear out of the blue, is the development of a new generation, but they are the successors developed by a team of «e-LIFT» earlier cabinets series «UL» and modifications «UCL», which are now successfully used in elevators. Built-in «UEL» using modern element base, a much more powerful processors have broad technical capabilities to use them for all purposes elevators at speeds of up to 4 m / s, in a group of up to six elevators, with the rise of sixty floors.

— Our relationship with the plant JSC «company Parnas» — said YL Gorki — developed successfully. We are not worried about wardrobe «UEL», born on Parnassus.

St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region are the priority regions of the Russian Federation in terms of the supply of lifting equipment SCHLZ, the general director of the Northwestern administration of «Scherbinsky Lift Plant» D. Sailors. Park lifts Petersburg, the second largest in the country, very worn and needs serious attention. The last years of «SCHLZ» increase its presence in the North-West.

— Our management — said D. Sailors, -prilagaet significant efforts to increase the supply Sherbinskaya elevators in the region. Lifts SCHLZ with cupboards Parnassus and, I think, will be attractive to buyers.

NM Pozdeyeva, chief inspector for elevators and escalators Northwestern Control Rostekhnadzor, said that one of the main causes of unstable operation, long idle elevators are still failures in the control system. Control systems multiply by leaps and bounds, manufacturers and developers of systems management, hardly appeared, disappear from the market, leaving the problem of lack of maintenance and spare parts.

— Inspection RTN Northwestern District welcomes the decision on the production of control cabinets on Parnassus and acquisition of lifts lift building plant for our district, — explained the representative of RTN. — There are several reasons. First, the manufacturer — JSC «Enterprise Parnassus» is our regional specialty responsible plant with an excellent reputation in the market, which will close all the problems related to warranty and service cabinets. Second, the «UEL» — a case that continues lineup UL, UKL, known to operate. This cabinet does not create difficulties and solve them. Thirdly, let it have four plants that solves the problems with further substitutions. All this creates prerequisites for improving the safety and comfort when using the elevators.

All present — «for», because the gain is obvious for everyone!

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