Universalism or specialization?

The urgency of the issue of choice was always spinning rod. This question excites the minds and souls of both held and novice spinnings. I once sworn never to say anything about the selection of spinning and the more specific about the model and manufacturer-specific, and therefore it is not exactly go about this. I just tell you about his «Spinning evolution,» and if someone does help in his choice, then the time taken me to write these lines, it was not lost.

There is a category of fishermen, merchants have access to the testing of different models of spinning reputable manufacturers. It’s not that it’s bad, but their advice about the need to have in the arsenal of a particular product sometimes just discouraged. Comments such merchants from fishing are openly ordered.

Another category «experts» advising famed firm, make it clear that for him it has already passed stage, and apparently so raise its prestige. But the prestige of whom? Fisherman or a buyer? For me, for a long time the presence of someone dear spinning — no reason to believe its owner cool fisherman, the presence of an expensive car — not a reason to consider him the owner of a cool driver, a diploma — not a reason to consider him an intelligent man and the owner of a qualified professional. List inconsistencies can continue.

No need to be a great car enthusiast to a request to advise the car generous recommend Mercedes, Toyota or Nissan.

I think that advise people who do not have sufficient income (as well as from us — 90%), supposedly necessary not cheap purchase is somehow incorrect, not as a comrade, or something … Well, buy the student to the last money doroguschy Rod and … what? Believe me, the miracle did not happen! Fish on the beach itself does not climb.

By analyzing the answers to the question about the choice of spinning on the Internet and in the fishing literature now and, say, 10 years ago, you can see not only the differences, but the differences abyss. I’ll tell you about his spinning «evolution», but in any case not as an example — everyone has his own path, and as one of the options, which way you can go and how you can avoid some mistakes.

Closely catching I started spinning around in the second half of the 90 — soon forced, than because of the great interest in the fishing {interest appeared in the process). Until that time, I was happy with catching white fish and Donkey poplavchanki, diverse zhivtsovaya fishing and, of course, a trip for catfish — night abandoned spinning, bells and elegant bite.

Bias toward spinning fishing occurred due to changes in circumstances, to reduce the time of preparation for fishing and so need to be «always ready» to enter the body of water in free time.

Let’s start … Leningrad spinning. More precisely — spinning «Leningrad.» The new generation does not even know what it is. And this is — without irony and exaggeration — a masterpiece of Soviet spinningostroeniya. Reliable, neubivaemaya thing. I’m still catching on, «The citizens of Leningrad» roach and bream in the spring with the boat and the shore in the summer. For trolling used the «Leningrad» spinning in conjunction with the «Neva» fishing line and reel diameter of 0.5 mm. And once daring to put the line thinner (0.4 mm), I was terribly unhappy and returned to the previous par. Of course, the weight of the bait used — metal blesen- was significant, but, nevertheless, because while catching all the fish caught and sizes were larger than the undoubted fact that often bite right now.

His first pike and perch caught on artificial lures in this way, and even now, after years, the skills are not lost and if «Rodina says,» I can poblesnit antiquated way. Yes, and the process of casting, retractable — a kind of creativity. It was necessary to control the flight of the lure troll — the fingers and spetsvintom the back of the coil to invest in casting his whole body, and successful casting called self-respect. It can also! The first fish bait on silicone (in the jig 10 grams!) I also caught this tackle, but a new era lures enjoyed their demands to the rod, and I had to go in the wake of the trends of the time.

My first non-metallic spinning tool was heavy three-meter telescopic rod with a Chinese-made encouraging sign «CORMORAN». I bought it without any recommendations, intuitive feeling that a 10-gram turntable it can throw further than «The citizens of Leningrad» with «Neak». This rod has caught me three years, and caught almost all kinds of topical then spinning lures — Spoons Lures, silicone, turntables (ranging from edinichki and more), as well as catching chub and perch in «kettles» at the garland of small twisters. Fishing and jig wiring, most interesting is that later, after learning about the concept of «test», asked the spinning on his: «And what does it say?». It was «60-80 d» — a typical carp middleweight. Therefore, reading is now indignation at some inconsistencies in the test spinning and weight 10 grams of bait, I smile indulgently, I did not see you differ! And at the same time thinking: «But something caught, as they say, a pleasure! Without any discomfort. Mahal from morning to evening, from June to January. » The primary factor was fishing as such, not its technical design.

So, having mastered the nuances of the various fishing lures, I was ripe for improving the quality of gear and turned to the advice of experienced. And the advice at the time (2003) were virtually unanimous: length — 2,7 m, the test — 10-30 g and catch all possible. And from the boat and from the shore. Here’s a medium spinning system I bought. Spinning was quite well-known Polish manufacturing firms Jaxon, and certainly not one of the highest price category. After the old telescope new spinning seemed to me so fragile that I was even afraid to wave them well when casting lures. But compared with the previous gear, it was a new era. I enthusiastically mastered the new gear, and believe in the word, did not want anything else

This spinning were caught myriad of different fish, mostly pike, and to this day I associate it with a series of vivid, memorable fishings. Interestingly, the stored somehow not the «Fish» fishing. Here, for example, went after work in the Kiev water park — on a rocky turn, there is now moored korablepodobnaya hotel in the evening and «push water» pike-perch caught in-goal. It seems to be nothing special — caught and bigger and bigger in terms of numbers, but remember! I remember catching pike trehkilogrammovoy to bite «for a short» and a lot of bright and spectacular landing of bites. And associating it with spinning. Later, to get better acquainted with the possibilities of spinning, I have learned to snatch out of the water is small, about 500 g pickerels simply suspended. Considering where I often catch — the banks, overgrown with reeds of different density, and the inability to bring the fish to the shore for a «smooth» vyvazhivaniya, power supply rods me very impressed. And the stock was and still is (spinning something alive) so impressive that dzhiguya walleye on the strong stream of the Dnieper, Prut and stood abandoned, and wiring on silicon bait jig in 50 Of course, some of hypersensitivity to this there is the spinning, but I like it, and at the present time — the most used, and therefore the most versatile for me, and now, when I get an introduction: "In the boat a little place, take a spinning, «I take it Jaxon. Troll as trolls in the cast as in casting, and can be dzhigovat- podzhigovat! In this he was all.

Companies producing fishing gear carried out successful marketing campaigns, urging ry-Bolov enthusiasts the need to have one or the other tackle. And expensive, for that invented and actively promoted novyu ways of fishing. The most successful marketing ploy that gave the development of the whole industry, I think the popularization of ultralight. Fishing (especially young) painted charms hunting nezachetnoy small fish that are biting, of course, more often than large, and the catch is made by a lot of different spinning rods, lures, woods, ultra-thin cords. Efficiency ultralaytovoy fishing — a topic for another conversation, but those who are interested in Russian fisheries periodicals may get acquainted with the state of ultralight there now. The Russian journals in the last year, a wave of publications to one common theme — how to «bypass» ate ultralight. I do not want much to spread about the device dobychlivoy tackle, called in Russia «branch» {it’s a topic for another article), but nothing new and cunning it has no results casts the same small laytovyh baits on the slip a leash, but not with the ultra-light, but on the contrary, with a heavy load we have decided once and for all «problem» ultralight. There was a nearly unlimited range of casting, the ability to «get» to lure big fish shallow, using any available spinning rod and tackle fortress ruled gatherings, but (most importantly!) The size of fish caught has become acceptable,

On top of the European Fisheries Association has banned use of shared equipment on the competition, forced pushing athletes to the use of fishing gear ultralaytovyh and promoting economic prosperity of firms producing them, let alone athletes then began to paint in the press as well to catch mikrookunkov mikroprimanki. But they somehow these mikrookunki count towards the competition, and they are a serious angler why? Just make fun of the fish and release? And opening a fishing magazine or website, you see a lot of recommendations for the acquisition of all necessary just ultralaytovogo rod …

Also, there are rods for twitching, catching on sbirulino on drop-shot. Head is spinning. By the way, all of these methods, except, perhaps, Dropshot (I did not until he is not fond of) I have successfully caught his «Jackson.» Well when or method of fishing allowed to have your bait at each spinning. But I do not even know how to catch a day at the bait of the same type, and when running, walking fishing, walking along the shore of kilometers and meeting on the way different parts of the reservoir, perestaivayas along the way to catch different kinds of fish — for this is that, pull a trailer for spinning different purposes?

In addition, we strongly taught that an indispensable component of fishing should be some kind of outrageous haptic (physical) sensation of vyvazhivaniya fish and bait from the actual posting, here to necessarily «in hand,» Nonsense! Then what caught our fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers? Or they did not get the pleasure of fishing or have been so stupid that, concentrating on finding the fish, skill wiring, the beauty of the surrounding nature, missed the «sensation»? I will assume that they somehow were just in terms of «pleasure from the process of» happier than us, because they «do not bother» on the secondary. The lion’s share of all that is now positioned as required, is nothing more than pulling money.

I do not want to sound boring — «special» gear pleasant to use, but often, step right — step left, and gets the failure of «specialized» spinning.

A few years after the purchase of «Jackson,» I bought a «special» spinning. It was also an inexpensive jig rod company Balzer. Series Magna Princess jig. Buying was somewhat spontaneous — struck one of the hryvnia falls. In the financial market panic has begun: exchangers worked only for the purchase of currency and money-changers at supermarket «Children’s World» Dollars still sold, but at a price exceeding the exchange rate even after the calm in the market and bought at all profitable for themselves, Against this background, I purchased for 270 hryvnia, said jig spinning. I liked it so much that I did not notice a couple of fairly obvious defects, which, however, does not prevent me from using this spinning at present time.

Before buying this rod in theory I knew that in order to achieve speed Blank budget option is the use of glued-sensitive tip combined with a pretty tough blank. Here’s a spinning — with the apex and pasted tonyusenkoy (thinner match) and I got the tip. Declared a test for him was a «2-25», but, of course, with two grams of manufacturers got excited. As for the upper limit of the test, the jig head grams to 40 with a continuous casting it is possible to use. Yes, jig fishing on this mesmerizing spinning — bent thin apex, as a sensitive instrument monitors everything that happens to the bait, and you feel well, at least tuner of musical instruments: two turns, pause — and waiting … Dzinnn!

First fishing with «Balser» took place near the bridge Paton. I took a boat to the then current base UHFA and alloys to the bridge, quite successful at catching perch on turntables, using his old Jaxon. New spinning because of the small diameters crossing rings and large number of them turned out to be bad at casting light baits parusyaschih, let alone sensitive tip for fishing with turntables was generally useless. And when «gave the water» and perch somewhere washed away, I anchored close to the sharp stony brow and began to study the behavior of spinning when fishing jig wiring. Soon pecked. It was a pike. What she got up! The course, did not take the landing net — the fish turned out to be just furious, even though it was one and a half kilograms. Spinning all survived, although some points vyvazhivaniya caused my well-founded fear. The fish turned out to be skilled — it is «decorated» healed scar on the back of the grid plate and the left side of the jaws, too, was once broken and slightly deformed. I patted her life.

So the baptism of fire «Balser» failed. I catch him, I just jig as other lures he throws bad, but it gets from the perch. Talk about any hypersensitivity «in hand» is not necessary. Yes, at certain times with certain — difficult (!) Load on the solid bottom, and you can feel the «hand», but is it necessary? We are told that — yes! I believe that it is possible and necessary. Fishing — a way to rest, first and foremost peace, and every «zamorochki» there is no place.

Nothing ideal does not exist, in 2010 gave birth to me unformed question «Balser» about gatherings fish klyunuvshey limit on distance. Overflowing spring 2010 brought a lot of different fish and sudachok and April-May nicking rather actively. However, for unknown reasons, it has become systematic gatherings fish bite on the first few meters of wire. Halfway and near — there were no questions, the fish properly delivered to the shore, but from afar — gatherings. And then sin can not fish — bait «was taken» reliable, «the mine», but prosekayut bridge somehow was not. Perhaps it was just a string of coincidences — fishing anyway. In the autumn of the same spinning showed excellent results on the perch with the boat clear majority pecking hooked fish, and perfectly coping with sometimes purplish bream.

The next and probably erroneous acquisition was spinning my lung test firms Dog. In the current system reported price — 240 UAH. I bought it specifically — for catching a particular fish in a particular place. This fish was grouper. I have a ritual, custom or habit — I do not know exactly how to name — but every year in mid-May (plus or minus a week) I go to a well-known Kiev Gulf catch perch. Okun is not very large, but catching it is interesting, I do not indifferent to the different surface manifestations of the presence of fish as well as 20 meters from the water «boils» and a few hefty «striped terrorists» sharply maneuvering on the surface, being driven to the shore a flock of young fish and freeze feet from the water’s edge … Aya, trying not to make noise, to wade in the boots to them through the roots of coastal bushes … I know that if there is no bursts, it does not mean that there is no fish. Fish there, standing and waiting. And perch flies voblerok vertushechka or light, and at first turns of the coil

— Blow! And hit «fighter» accompanied by several colleagues, viciously attacking the open part of the bait … I like that kind of fishing, but to consider it in terms of the number of fish caught is not entirely correct. Catch a half dozen perch and well. It is fishing more for interest, for the soul. And this «emotional» component fishing was intended to complement the new spinning rod for light lures.

Everyone is looking for in your fishing. I do not understand the «high» from vyvazhivaniya disproportionately fish light tackle. Caught fish I strive to bring to shore as quickly as possible, and then to decide its fate — «punish or pardon.» Resistance to undercut the fish — it is her pain. Hilee spinning — pain dolshe.Kogda something during bream from a boat, I coexisted with several fishings leschatnikom that after sweeps and runs the first bream began to smile and giggle bliss. This lasted until the giggles catch by posachek. He famously caught, probably better than all of us lie at anchor. Leszi he pecked sometimes two at a time spinning and he chuckled. All day. And he smiled. Everyone is free to express emotions as he pleases, but then it seemed to me strange … And to this day it seems.

«Light» Spinning I bought not for «chuckles» of imaginary pleasures, and for casting light baits. He threw the bait, but a thin fishing line as an attribute of a fishing I began to pick off so often that they can not help thinking about the financial component fishing .. Winning the casting distance was not as significant as expected, and bite large pike, the subsequent landing of-torture and as the apotheosis

— Gathering all smashed my dreams of «lightness, subtlety and strength.» Any malomalski hitch pressure spinning in the semi-circle, the line breaks, lures remain in snags. Maybe something I do not understand, but now spinning postponed. Ummm, and new ideas.

The impetus for the acquisition was the next point of organizational and bureaucratic. Deprived of the possibility to use the services database UHFA «left bank» (in connection with the liquidation), I realized that my fishing emphasis shifted towards the coastal fishing.

Until now, the head does not fit — how could UHFA here so take the left bank of Kiev and deprive fishermen fishing base! In my not so competent, but the interested gaze, the options have been set. You could try to place the base on the other hand — on gidroparkovskom island in the narrow strait and abandoned, which till now no one has mastered, and no one needs. Or, try to rent a couple of bills on the basis of pleasure boats «Frigate» in the neighborhood. It would be a desire … Since then, I do not pay contributions to UHFA (if there is someone interested).

That is why the next and at the moment my last purchase was the acquisition of the rod in a sense legendary. Vapah Honey, 7-35 g of the test, the length of 3.05m — a powerful hard beregovik. The lower limit of the test is not entirely correct — with the same success could write and 5, and 6 grams. Jig step in the lower edge of the test still has to keep track of the cord, and the casting distance is roughly the same at all given me microbalance. Its positive qualities the spinning tool shows ranging from 18 grams and up. Besides all the other records — on length, weight, testu- Vapah Meda also owns the record for the value. It was purchased in the store for about 900 USD.

Outwardly, of course, of all my spinning this- the most beautiful and, if such an expression is applicable to gear, the most thoroughbred. The only non-critical, but still lack, in my opinion, is its weight — heavy,., Well, perhaps, can be attributed to the shortcomings and the lack of decent facilities for this coastal fishing spinning. «Fair-pecking» Kiev sudachok too small for him ..

In the context of the functionality of this versatile spinning. I threw it and weighty «jigs» and 5grammovye voblerki, caught on popper, and kastmaster sbirulino, and distance and accuracy — all at a level that fulfills quality fish jerks. Spinning; the language of vendors, with the universal «sharpened» under the jig. That lack of «kolovatoy» jig howling stiffness allows you to easily vyvazhivat such «sbirulinovuyu» fish like chub and perch — without annoying torn lips and gatherings. Absolute versatility it deprives length — whether it is 30 centimeters shorter (and therefore lighter) — it would be for me, perhaps the ideal.

Try more general said, I found it possible to speak only of the spinning, which enjoyed a long period of time. Of course, I had to hold in their hands, and other fishing-rod, but I’m not so great an expert to make any profound conclusions on several casts. Any rod, bait and any general, any piece snap must be purchased under specific conditions of fishing. Every fisherman knows — where it will catch or fishing. And what kind of fish, all types of fabrications: «But if I suddenly get to such and such, such and such a place, totam I can use such a spinning» — a children’s fantasy. Any adult knows where he «hit», and which «does not get» at least -in the next few years. Here on this and need to make a start in choosing spinning, This is a major and indispensable criterion in the selection slinningo-Vågå rod designed to become your friend and helper in fishing expeditions.

Universal or specialized? Everyone decides for itself (see, the paragraph above). I find different lures and during one fishing can start with poppers, jigs continue and finish the night perch on the baits, so for me the choice is clear — I need a station wagon. For the most part I catch from shore — hence the «aversion» to the short-spinning, and it’s not so much in casting distance as the ability to maneuver the bait during the drive, stroke and other various obstacles. At the same time there are many fishermen, «tightly linked» to a jig, Twi-Ching trolling, or other methods of catching. For them, the selection criteria will be different spinning.

Thank you all for reading this text to the end. Right 8am choice and luck fishing!

P.S. When the text of the article was ready and «mature» in my computer the traditional six months, on the above-mentioned spinning Jaxon company was successfully fished catfish 31 kg. Fish pecked to lure Rapala Tail Dancer with a 9-meter dive at catching trolley bus-ling. Neither the process of catching or vyvazhivanme did not give reason to doubt the reliability of gear.

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