Unscrew the blow …

Beat with a hammer on a screwdriver end is converted to torque, enough to loosen any screw.

What seems to be easier to remove the screw, nut or bolt? If you turn away. Well, if the thread scorched, rusty, torn or clogged? Here in the course are «non-technological» methods of dismantling — of the bolt hit a chisel, drill screw unrecoverable. All this disables not only the hardware, but are themselves part takes a lot of time-consuming.

Most suffer from neotvorachivayuschimsya fixture repairers. Extracts and motorists.

And so, and others need wrenches and especially screwdriver (small shoulder!), Such as increasing the accompanying hand effort. This tool should be, of course, lightweight, portable, cheap.

VV Shifrin, the leading designer of a Moscow engineering companies managed to solve this problem. His versatile screwdriver (AS number 893 510) is a gidrousilitelnoe device that converts the impact force on the head of the striker in the high torque and holds the tool to the workpiece. It works as follows. The handle, which is the power, insert a replacement tool — for example, a screwdriver. You begin to turn away the screw. If he gives in, everything goes, as you would an ordinary screwdriver. If it can not be, then when a certain force pen body is rotated about its axis, power is cocked (this can be done, of course, and tentatively). Then, holding the screwdriver to the screw slot, beat with a hammer on the handle protruding from the end of the firing pin. The mechanism is activated by turning the blade on forty-five degrees. Home made — screw budge. If after that it is not easy to turn away, try again. And thanks to the strong pressing of the screwdriver to the screw slot it is not destroyed.

In-designed variant of hydraulic screwdriver provides maximum torque to 4 kgm, which is sufficient for most work, but you can do more. As a replaceable tool provides 20 tips. Dimensions screwdriver — 280 × 40 mm, weight (with hydraulic oil) — 1.5 kg.

Screwdriver Shifrin has been checked for aircraft repair enterprises, earned a positive evaluation and is available in limited quantities for the needs of the industry. It was exhibited at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, awarded a bronze medal. But, obviously, it need not only in industry. Many of us would be happy to have acquired it for themselves, especially since, according to preliminary estimates, it would cost no more than 12-14 rubles.

The idea of ​​converting impact force into torque can be applied in space. For example, if you do not hit with a hammer, and compressed air, then work will not need a fulcrum. Cosmonaut-installer can hold a screwdriver, made in the form of a gun, and the same hand control located here, on the handle, the rotation direction button — to turn on or turn.

It remains to wish that this unusual and simple tool widely entered into practice.

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