Ural-Siberian Department of «Scherbinsky Lift Plant»: experience in managing trading houses

Journalist Alexander Solomonovich, please tell us about the history of the Ural-Siberian Department. How it all began?

A. scalars: Our company was founded in 1998, at the time it was called «Russian elevators.» But in 2002, after conjunction with Scherbinsk lift the plant has been found more effective scheme of product sales, the company reorganized to OOO «Ural office of» Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. » However, since the founding of the company, when it was not yet the official representative Scherbinsky plant, we have always been focused on the sale of elevators is Scherbinsky plant. Somewhat later, in 2005, in the course of modernization of the retail network SCHLZ idea of ​​establishing regional trade controls. Thus, the company acquired the status of the Ural-Siberian Department of «Scherbinsky Lift Plant» and expand their sales. Today, at the beginning of our Office operates several trading houses from the neighboring regions and republics, «Sherbinskaya lifts — Chelyabinsk», «Sherbinskaya lifts — Tyumen», «Sherbinskaya lifts — Ufa», «Sherbinskaya -Izhevsk elevators.» In addition, the functions developed dealer network in Orenburg, Kurgan, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Omsk, Barnaul and other cities.

Journalist: How did you come to the need for self-assembly production and what is its advantages?

AS SCALAR: In 2008, not going to stop there and to further development of the enterprise, the Ural-Siberian Department of «Scherbinsky Elevator Plant» on the basis of «Nevyansky machine-building plant», with the participation Scherbinsky lift building plant organized — assembly production of elevators Scherbinsky plant and upgrade kits. The idea of ​​creating Uralliftmasha came at a time when the Sverdlovsk region was preparing for the implementation of the federal program overhaul as part of the Federal Law № 185-FZ. The feasibility of the project lies in the fact that we were able to partially unload Scherbinsky lift building plant in the moment of greatest tension production. In addition, the creation of its own assembly plant in the Sverdlovsk region makes it possible to quickly provide customers with elevators in the territory of the Ural-Siberian Department, which is very important for the increased volume of orders in connection with the implementation of the federal program. Another positive point — the additional jobs for area residents. Plus, the local budget is replenished tax deductions.

Supervises now general director of JV «Uralliftmash» S. Romashev. Sergey Viktorovich knows first hand the entire production cycle, they say, «from» and «to» in the past he has worked for a long time on a large industrial enterprise.

Thus, today, the Ural-Siberian Department of «Scherbinsky Lift Plant» — is not only a sales representative Scherbinsky lift building plant, but also a manufacturer of elevators and elevator equipment.

In addition, we cooperate with all the installers in Yekaterinburg, and in the cities, where there is representation of the Ural-Siberian Department. And it allows our company, in addition to the supply of products to the regions, to ensure quick and quality installation of lifts at the facilities.

Journalist: With whom and in what areas you have to compete in their habitat?

A. angelfish: Today our main competitors — representation Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant, LLC «Otis Elevator» from St. Petersburg factory «Mogilev — Elevator — mash» and Omsk Company «Siberian elevator.» Of course, all of the elevators companies and quality, and competitive, however, it seems to us, that the products Scherbinsky Elevator Plant presented the most diverse in the CIS range of lifts. And that today is very important — Scherbinsky plant products distinguish high in relation to energy conservation.

AS SCALAR: The most promising products of «Scherbinsky Elevator Plant», in our opinion — the new elevator business-class brand «Wellmaks». In addition, the ease of assembly of the cabin and landing doors significantly reduces the time of installation. Lifts «Wellmaks» can be equipped with Russian parts, and their cost does not exceed the cost of the components for the production of elevators budget SCHLZ, CMH and Mel.

All the more perfect becomes the serial production of passenger elevator Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. In the nearest future upgraded its design: vertical module and stainless steel handrails, LED energy-saving lamps, mirrors.

Journalist: Who are your main customers and is adjusted as the marketing of products?

AS Scalars: For the timely delivery of lifts and lifting equipment from the factory to the customer our company created the Office of the «Trans Lift», directs them to OP Belosheikin. Our regular customers in the regions, in addition to shopping malls and dealers — all branches Soyuzlift-installation of «Sredurallift», JSC «Atomstroykompleks» Chelyabinsk factory «efficiency and the UK», JSC "Nova-operation"JSC «Liftmontazh-1», UKS of Ekaterinburg, Tagil-lift, DSC Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and other elevator company.

Journalist: What is the basis of your marketing policy, so to speak, the secret of success?

AS Angelfish: Excellent knowledge of the subject of sales, steady sales promotion, work with potential customers, flexible pricing policy, cooperation with the Government of the Sverdlovsk region, stable relations with the heads of regions and cities in the Ural-Siberian Office and, of course, support Scherbinsky plant all our endeavors.

Journalist: In what direction the company is now developing?

AS SCALAR: In the immediate tasks — increase in sales of elevators Scherbinsk lift production plant in the Ural-Siberian Office and expanding the boundaries of our market, but then the final word rests with the leadership of Scherbinsky Elevator Plant.

Another interesting trend we are now developing their own — is to establish business relationships with foreign partners. Today, thanks to ties with the leaders of Rosoboronexport and the geography of our members in the Office of the regional authorities, we held talks with the authority of one of the utilities in developing countries for the supply of elevators production Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. Now the country is reviving the construction of a good pace, and we are planning in December of this year to conclude a contract for the supply of 12 lifts, and in 2011-2012, scheduled delivery of the order of 2 500 units.

In general, the topic of cooperation with foreign countries is very interesting, and, we hope, will allow our Office to rise to a higher level of activity.

Journalist: A few words about your team. Who, besides you, directs the activities of the enterprise?

AS Angelfish: Currently in the Ural-Siberian Department operates 18 people. Headed the CEO Igor G. Shoshin.

Our activities can be divided into two main areas. First, the interaction with the customers of the Sverdlovsk region and the city of Yekaterinburg. This work is led by Head of Marketing IV Malafeev. Second, work with trading houses and dealers in other territories. The bulk of the employees of the Ural-Siberian Department is working with the founding of the organization, over the years they have become true professionals and are ready to share experience and knowledge with young specialists. We always welcome the arrival of new talented and conscientious staff.

Reporter: The main achievements of the Office?

AS SCALAR: All our achievements are primarily made up of the success of trading houses in the territory of the Ural-Siberian Department, effective management of the director of trading houses, plant Scherbinsky support in difficult situations and, of course, of our efforts. The main achievements of the organization can be called a stable network of trading houses and dealers, the formation of a positive image of products Scherbinsk lift factory, good relations with partners, customers and installers, timely and stable supply of elevators in accordance with the federal program for the replacement of elevators. Supply of lifting equipment for the program to replace the Sverdlovsk region and the territories of our trading houses in 2010 amounted to 70% of elevators Scherbinsky plant of the total replacement of elevators. A whole volume of sales in 2010 increased by 14.5%.

Journalist Alexander Solomonovich, thanks for the story of the Ural-Siberian Department. Now touch on the problems of the elevator industry. How do you see the prospects for its development?

AS SCALAR: In my opinion, the elevator industry has a great future for several reasons. Firstly, due to the increased pace of the commercial building, which we expect in the near future. Secondly, until 2013 will be implemented by replacing the elevators in the federal program, which is implemented by the Foundation for Housing Reform. Prospects of development of the market can be predicted by evaluating and occupancy of the federal budget the dynamics of the output state of the crisis, the degree of economic stability, etc. If in these areas will progress, and the manufacturers of materials handling equipment will be able to dynamic growth in its field of activity.

The Russian builders of elevators, provided the issue of reliable and high-quality products, have all chances to take a strong position on the market of lifting equipment. An important factor — the proximity of the Russian producer to the customer in relation to maintenance of elevators and spare parts can not be said about foreign producers, including those of the Chinese. Actually, I’m sure — Russia is a huge country and a place in the market of materials handling equipment will suffice for all.

A very important factor in the development of the elevator industry, I think the state support and the creation of the federal target program of replacement of elevators. In my opinion, without the involvement of the state to restore and develop the economy of the country will lift

Another crucial factor — the union of all liftovikov as a single system to avoid unnecessary confrontations between the elevator and organizations will help to resolve all issues in relation to unhealthy competition.

Journalist: Thank you, Alexander Solomonovich for interesting conversation.

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