Yevgeny Kafelnikov — Tournament M2M Russian Open in 2013 and the general prospects of golf in Russia

After a career of Sydney Olympic champion tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov turned into a golfer, and even won the Russian championship in this sport. Organizers M2M Russian Open 2013 gave athlete wild card, which enabled compete with European professionals. On his impressions of the event, the system of training and prospects of the Russian Golf Yevgeny Kafelnikov said in an interview with «Big Sport».

— If we take into account only the psychological aspect than tennis differs from the course?

You can not draw a parallel, it is quite unlike sports. Are competing in tennis you with a single opponent, and in golf — especially with the field, and then another, with about 155 players. Sand and water obstacles, forest — golf a lot more additional factors and distractions that have to be taken into account.

— You train alone or under the guidance of specialists?

I help two foreign coaches that I pay the standard 100 euros per hour. Qualified spetsialiskogda he came here to work. Another -amerikanets, I go to him in the United States. I train at least four hours a day, two of them — under the guidance of a coach.

— How long will the Russian novice golfers to reach the level of the top players. For how many years have overcome this abyss?

About the time it is difficult to say, much depends on the coach. There are also geeks, but even with them to work. If you do not lay the foundation, will not give the basics, then it is almost impossible to be retrained.

In this respect, the Russian school of golf almost helpless. We will inevitably have to involve foreign experts.

— How do you assess the level of trainers who work in the Russian clubs now?

They are mostly self-taught. In our internal rating scale them, perhaps, can be called specialists, but the sport of the highest achievements of speech does not go yet.

— Shamil Tarpishchev often says that if a player is not included in the top 50 in the ATP rankings and WTA, the economic returns from his games is reduced almost to zero. And what is the threshold of «payback» in golf?

I would say to make tennis, you have to enter the top 30. In golf, the boundaries are blurred more. For example, if US tour playing to 150 people, then surely they imagine anything not refuse: equipment, good equipment, and more.

— According to the official website of European Golf Tour, the last year you’ve never won the prize money. Why then take part in Challenge-tournaments? It is interesting to travel the world?

No, I’m in his career traveled enough countries. Just want to understand what the actual results achieved through years of training, to feel the impact.

— You get a special invitation to the tournament?

Yes, I arrive at the personal invitation of the promoter.

— If you compare the M2M Russian Open tournaments in 2013 and Challenge, how acute the difference in the level of training players?

Not much difference. There are guys that play a lower rank, but no worse than representatives of the «major league». They, too, there. Sometimes, someone successfully played several tournaments — and then goes into another rank. There is a movement in the opposite direction, is a constant flow. Noticeable differences in the organization and the size of the prize pool.

— The tournament director Jose Maria Zamora said in an interview with our magazine, because of the wrong place at the calendar on the M2M Russian Open in 2013 did not come a lot of good players. What would you advise the organizers to change in the next year?

Place in the calendar does not play a big role, if worthy of the prize fund. For most players, this is crucial. The main difficulty for the majority of participants — a Russian visa. This is a very complicated and bureaucratic process. Therefore, to be a good incentive. If the organizers will find a way to simplify visa procedures, there will be players in the tournament at higher levels. More important are the matches broadcast. It is a pity that this year they were not. Broadcast — the main stimulus for potential sponsors, and those half a million dollars, which would have to pay would be paid back with interest. But I am sure that the next tournament will be organized even better than the previous. Three great for the tournament Andrey Vdovin created a very good reputation in the world of golf, and this is very important.

— The official website of the Russian Golf Association says that you are a member of its executive committee …

This is not entirely correct information, approval of the executive committee is scheduled for October 4. As long as my name got only in the list of candidates.

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