Well prepared for the opening of hunting

Not long left to wait for the coveted summer-autumn hunting on a feather. Passed during the breeding season. Growing up young upland, waterfowl and other game birds.

Due to the warm winter in the wintering grounds, returned home more than in 1970, aquatic and marsh game. Good traction Woodcock showed that with this kind of thing is well. Many wood pigeons flew.

Now, while young is not got no wing, especially the need to provide him rest in forests, ponds and around them. We must remember how much damage does broods capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, ducks and even a frequent concern. One just grazing in the forests without considering other factors of anxiety reduces fertility grouse in two or three times, and the density — four times. Disturbed man and domestic animals, young birds often become prey to predators, parents behind, crippled.

Company hunters and fishermen pay great attention to the protection of game birds, especially on the eve of the summer-autumn hunting. This year a significant number of regional, provincial, national societies is a contest for the best protection of the hunting grounds. More and more established areas of reproduction. The experience of organizing such reserves, even though small in size, gives good results in the preservation of both local and passing game. Here, the primary societies and teams a lot of work. It reserves must not only organize, but also provide protection for them.

July, August — the months of accounting upland and waterfowl, as determined by its reserves, establishes rules of hunting, which is absolutely necessary at the opening of hunting in every household. Farms, which are not conducted surveys game, becoming less and less in the societies of hunters and fishermen of the RSFSR and soon these will not at all. Now the task is to significantly improve the quality of accounting work.

Making a decision about the opening of the summer-autumn hunting, we must answer the question, where it is appropriate to carry out the hunt for capercaillie and black grouse in spring when shoot -only males, or fall when being shooting and females?

In the European foreign countries on the capercaillie and black grouse hunting in the spring on tokeh. It seems to us that where the number of capercaillie and black grouse allows hunting can be done in the spring and summer and autumn season. However, where the density of small game and increase in its population has been slow, the most suitable spring hunting.

But the society of hunters are not entitled to make a choice. We need a fundamental decision of the local Soviet authorities to allow the hunt in the coming years.

Leaders hunting farms in preparation for the opening of the hunting season, take measures to ensure the integration of the produced game hunters, Compliance shooting both in the whole economy, and every hunter in the hunting day,

Along with security, in July — August are trained hunting bases and stopping points to receive guests. Beautiful, clean house, restored vehicles, fresh linens, decent dishes, tidy yard, a warm welcome from the first minute creates a good mood hunters arrived. This should be remembered heads of hunting farms and not to wait to the last moment of this work.

On the eve of the opening of hunting, as always, will be held the meeting with the staff personnel of farms or community rangers, with a hunting asset. They will receive guidance on the preparation and conduct of hunting, including the device huts ducks, placing hunters land, safety, protection of land and GD.

Not to be forgotten ads in the local press about the timing of hunting.

But the success of the hunting season, its effectiveness is largely dependent on the hunters themselves, on how they will ensure the protection of game as to comply with the rules of shooting, how well organized records produced poultry, hunting safety. Hunters must make sure that there is no aimless destruction game because of shooting is lethal distance, which, unfortunately, has often observed.

Only together can we ensure proper game management and multiply stocks of wild animals.

We wish you, fellow hunters, after all the papers in their hunting grounds a good rest and successful hunt.

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