What do Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Peter the Great?

MODERN neuropsychiatrist would do anything to get rid of these great people from diseases that helped them go down in history

Disease prophets

Three great conqueror, by which (at least partly) developed by Time-Western culture and modern borders of Europe, had something in common. All three nature endowed disease, which in ancient times was considered sacred — epilepsy. «The Alexander the Great had epileptic seizures, likely as a result of injuries received in battle — says neurologist Alexander Himochko. — Uncontrollable rage into which he fell from time to time, apparently, was a consequence of the disease. In epilepsy sometimes there are such states — psychiatrists call them dysphoria — when the mood changes dramatically, there is an uncontrollable rage that also manifested in the actions of man. It is known that Alexander in anger killed his lover and friend Cleitus.

Was Napoleon epileptic discussed for a long time, not only in the medical community. In the memoirs of people around the French emperor at different times of his life, there is some evidence of seizures. On the «nervous shock or epileptic fit», which have long suffered the Emperor recalled his valet. On the other attack indicates a French diplomat Talleyrand.

As for Peter the Great, there is neither historians nor doctors there is no doubt — there are documents proving that the great reformer with youth suffering from nervous attacks — perhaps due to the resulting turmoil in his childhood.

«Seizures Peter were not so frequent as to deform the personality, but still a lot of what he did, was involved in the sadism, — says Alexander Himochko. — During the session, the preparation of the corpse in the dissecting he jumped, flew over the stairs, kissed the professor, then kissed the corpse — so he enjoyed it. On the other hand, it was the Russian Tsar, and he maybe did not occur to consider others. «

Other worlds

Epilepsy does not suffer Toll-to great generals and conquerors of worlds, but many people who have distinguished themselves in entirely different spheres of life — among them the philosopher Socrates and businessman Alfred Nobel, the one that founded the famous Nobel Prize. We can say that this is really a disease selected.

What is a seizure? It is a violation of the electrical activity of the brain. As only one cell occurs nerve impulse (electric charge), it is passed to other nerve cells, which in turn will send it on. In a healthy person the quantity of electric charge, the rate and extent of transmission are controlled. Patient nerve cells generate an electrical discharge unevenly flashes. From zones of increased electrical activity of a wave of excitement quickly turns to neighboring areas, and as a result the work of the whole brain at some time violated. But before you lose consciousness, one sees all extremely clear.

«Loss of consciousness is preceded by a stepwise increase in the level of consciousness. This is best described the state of Dostoevsky, as we know, is also prone to epileptic seizures, «- explains Alexander Himochko.

Doctors call this point «epileptic aura.» Dostoevsky, it was manifested in the feeling of incredible bliss. Perhaps it is in this state, Alexander saw the world, lying at his feet, Peter — the future enlightened Russia, Corporal of the French army, Napoleon Bonaparte — defeated, bowed before him to Europe.

Veni Vidi won

According to legend, this formula («Veni, vidi, vici») belongs to Caesar, who in a letter to his friend explained that the defeat in the battle with the son of King Mithridates, he was simple. Great Caesar, by the way, was also prone to fits of epilepsy. According to the Roman historian Suetonius, these words are derived on the cloth, carried to triumph as he set foot in Rome, emphasizing not so much the victory itself, as its speed. From the standpoint of neurophysiology action on a «Veni, vidi, vici» dopamine-result of attack.

Dopamine is sometimes called the «love hormone» — is an active substance produced in the body of a man in love, causing «the dopamine dependence.» The suffering from unrequited love, too, caused by an excess of dopamine. Get rid of them, or rather, has long been known to mitigate possible way — moderate physical activity (the hero of the old film in such cases, chopping wood).

The level of dopamine peaks during activities such as eating and sex. But the desire to more complex pleasures appear too with the help of this magical substance. It is thought that dopamine is involved in decision-making man, as responsible for the «sense of reward,» allows you to experience pleasure on stage thinking actions. With a lack of this substance occurs Parkinson’s disease, leading to almost complete immobility, with an excess — schizophrenia, accompanied by meaningless, often chaotic movement.

Where are the norm? When it comes to brain activity, the norm — a relative term. The only thing that science knows — after 50 years of production of dopamine is reduced. Therefore, to great achievements, it is desirable to prepare a young age, supporting himself phrase of Alexander the Great, he said, to take the throne of his father: «I have twenty — and nothing has been done for immortality.» If you are at least twenty, it is time to determine where to go next and why.

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