What do women desire?

18 inventions that would change our lives.

1. Home navigator. You say to him: "Where are my glasses?". Well, or the keys to the apartment … And he answers: "Turn left, turn right, and now rummage in the cupboard".

2. teleporter that is not stuck in traffic jams on the way to work and back.

3. Food from which do not get fat, or a harmless pill, from which grow thin.

4. Handbag backlit.

5. Remedy against the growth of hair. Tonsured, smeared — and hairstyle to «freeze». Do you want to change it — washed a special little water, and all is well.

6. An apparatus for recording dreams. Sometimes you want to look again!

7. prospector memories.

8. Dust Eater: put in a room by clicking on the button — and clean!

9. The drug, which would be helped by any disease — whether it is cough or cholecystitis.

10. Syrup «multiyazyk». I came to Japan, drank it — and say, without the slightest accent …

11. reducers things. No Pets blockages and parking problems!

12. Fabric with the effect of the air conditioner. I put such a thing in the heat — and feel a pleasant coolness.

13. Warning of bad thoughts. They wanted to attack you bad people, and it starts beeping.

14. The reducing power. It’s a pity to spend a third of life sleeping.

15. tights that do not break.

16. Washing machine with different compartments for linen: color, white.

stuck in traffic jams on the way to work and back.

17 Cosmetics, wash yourself, and shoes chameleon.

18 Automatic vychesyvatel coat for dogs and cats.

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