What hinders the development of cloud services in RUSSIA

To fully understand the problems of the cloud market in Russia, you must approach to be taken in two ways: by the operators who want to provide cloud services, and by the customers to whom the services are intended.

For operators, the introduction of cloud services means significant investments in hardware and software component in the case of IaaS, not to mention services PaaS and SaaS. It is important to bear in mind that a platform for cloud computing consist of both software needed for the platform, and from the computing components that pretty quickly amortized. The expectation is that the platform for cloud computing will actively demand and potential customers in a short time will come to power and its estimated return. On the Russian market, such a scenario is impossible, making the introduction of cloud platforms uneconomical for operators. This factor hinders the development of cloud services in Russia.

On the part of the customers of cloud services can distinguish two types of demand for resources — virtual machines and cloud on jobs in the cloud. And the need for such services arises, as a rule, geographically dispersed companies with offices scattered throughout the country, and the concentration of jobs is very small. It is these companies make more profitable jobs in the cloud, as it gives a positive economic effect due to the consolidation of skilled labor for maintenance of the entire infrastructure in one place. However, if we talk about IaaS, using virtual server hosted in a cloud, a similar effect can not be attained, because in this case the need for skilled personnel is the same as in the case of a physical server. That is why the most popular cloud services making use SaaS.

The main deterrent to the development of private clouds is primarily the cost of the hardware component of the platform, which is much higher than the cost for the customer’s IT organizations typically complex. That is why most companies prefer the more traditional and affordable solutions.

Summarizing, we can say that in general the market of cloud technologies in Russia is still underdeveloped. It should also be noted that at the moment cloud services closer integrators, rather than the data center operators. So far, the cloud service services and the provision of data center infrastructure rental represent different business areas that require the companies of different competencies. Commercial data center certainly show interest in cloud technologies, as originally interested in the diversification of its business. However, most of them still do not address this issue as a priority for its development.

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