Whole and part — two sides of the same system

Round table discussion on mixed martial arts turned out not less hot than some fighting in «the octagon» …

Ed .: Dmitry, in the last issue we talked about Dmitry Leonidovich mixed martial arts. Since You are not only a representative of the Russian Union of MMA in the Far East, but the director of the Far Eastern Federation of Modern Pankration, I want to ask you is how Pankration Federation helps or perhaps, on the contrary hinders the development of amateur MMA? DA .: skates more than 10 years in the Far East, there is Pankration Federation, and during that time it has reached phenomenal success and recognition, and not as the pankration world or Russian, namely the Far East pankration. We are well established in the first place by organizing quality tournaments. Soldiers of our federation will not come to the Russian championships without prize medals. In the first championship — we have a third place at the Second Cup — the first and third. I think that it’s great to start, especially since there is a serious competition with fighters in Dagestan and Chechnya. Traditions established professional pankration, enabled the successful start amateur MMA.

Ed .: In the leadership positions of both structures in the region are well-known people in positions in the Federation of pankration and MMA in the Union. For example, Dmitry Leonidovich is vice president of the Federation of Modern Pankration Far East, and also the president of the Khabarovsk regional federation of mixed martial arts (MMA) .Tebya, Anton, viewers are accustomed to seeing as a soldier, I think many people will be surprised to your new status. Tell me about the duties that are assigned to you as the president of the Khabarovsk city federation of mixed martial arts (MMA)?

Pilipeyko A .: At some point, came the realization that I have for the organization of MMA can do more. I think due to the new position, my sports career will end soon, but I will continue to live in a sport, though in a different capacity. As a coach and as an organizer. I have already opened a section in the village of Gorky, in the plans from the beginning of the school year to open three sections. The main clubs are located in Khabarovsk MMA, so my responsibility maintenance halls, interaction with universities, schools, training of athletes, organizing tournaments and assist urban boundary tournaments.

Ed .: It is already known from Khabarovsk fighters who will go to the Cup of Russia in Vladivostok?

— Yes. It Echis Saryglar Zahar and Mikhailov.

Ed .: What are the similarities and differences in the rules of amateur and professional MMA?

Pilipeyko A .: Today, children’s sports and juniors until they fall into the category of participating in tournaments. Category starts with 18. Before the competition allowed the fighters who have reached the age of majority. This is a general rule for both professional and amateur MMA. There are differences in the outfit. In amateur sport fighter should be wearing a helmet, pads and gloves, five ounces. In professional fighter gloves to four ounces. There are strikes which are prohibited in the amateur version and authorized professional. Lovers banned headers and elbows. But this amateur tournaments are no less spectacular than professional. In amateur MMA fighter’s health in the first place. If a fighter got knocked out, then in six months, he has no right to act, it must be restored. Repeated knockout fighter recovered during the year. Can stop the fight if the strike was accentuated and the athlete lost his balance, fell to the floor of the ring, does not hold any active protection, but just for a while, even the eye does not open. Amateur proceed pro’s when he spent three professional fights.

Burdyug DL .: By the way, more MMA rules blurry determine where a person should participate in any professional tournaments, all is silent. Hence a lot of controversy. For example, in the Russian Championship in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA amateur) were participants who, as we know exactly had a more than sufficient number of professional fights. The most basic criterion for participation in amateur competitions — the athlete must have a sports category for at least a candidate for master of sports in one of the disciplines of throwing, beating, fighting sports. In amateur competitions often look record that professional fights rare. In the championship of Russia on a mixed martial arts a few fights were even replayed.

Ed .: Fede radio pankration and MMA Union — the two parts of a whole?

Burdyug DL .: When their differences, both organizations have a common idea. Sport as a way of life. And, as said Fedor, we must exercise reasonable, intelligent and loyal. The objectives of the two organizations have also shared. One of them — the popularization of mixed martial arts. That is why we are open to all and are actively cooperating with other entities.

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