Wushu Brief historical information about Taijiquan

VL Asmolov

Fitness training Tai Chi is a series of interconnected complexes of psychophysical training that are based on a combination of slozhnokoordinirovannyh movements and breathing exercises, amid physical and mental relaxation, with a deep and sustained concentration. This is one of the most popular and very widespread in China today schools of traditional Chinese art «quanshu» («fist art», «wrestling and pugilism»), a component of the «martial arts» («the art of arts», «martial art»).

Given the important role played in Taijiquan hardening and development of internal defenses, the work of «internal energy» qi and management with the help of special methods psihoreguliru-guide training, this system has traditionally ranked among the «internal» martial arts schools and quanshu.

About the early history of Taijiquan remained little reliable information. It is believed that the most ancient origins of this system go back to the primitive dance, which combines and rituals, and practical training, and techniques of martial arts. Some sources attempt to trace the origins of the system during the reign of the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It is believed that the original Taijiquan practiced in only a few provinces of China, but in them it was not widespread, and knowledge of the system passed only a very limited range of the most able pupils. Among the founders of the system include three names: Xu Syuanpin (Tang Dynasty), Van Zongyue (Ming) and Zhang Sanfeng (Sung). In determining the dates of the life of the people there are very large discrepancies.

There are several legends about the time and circumstances of the occurrence of Taijiquan as an independent art movement quanshu. One of them says that in the era of the Song Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Hueytszuna (1101-1126) Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng once in a dream was a deity of water north and Xuan Wu and gave him the teaching of the art of boxing, from which he created the «internal» direction quanshu, including Taijiquan School. This system of martial arts was so effective that the unarmed patriarch, who was in a very advanced age, one dealt with a whole gang of bandits.

According to another legend, a Taoist monk Zhang Sanfeng, who lived in the XIII century. (according to some sources — in the XIV century.), once sitting in his hut, he heard a magical call. Looking out the window, he saw a magpie sitting on a tree, and a snake on the ground under a tree, gazing at each other. Whenever magpie flew down to attack the snake, its sharp beak strikes were in vain: the snake quickly evaded soft, flowing and rounded movements, and only forty

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