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NEW TOOL earthmoving — Pneumatic SHOVEL SAMA destroyed and discarded PRIMER

According to historical precedence with a shovel can argue, perhaps, only a knife and ax. Nevertheless, the process of improvement * (and simultaneous complication) shovel is far from complete (IR, 5, 75, «dig so dig» and 5, 77 «Spades»), inventive thinking is mainly aimed at the specialization of spades with regard to a particular type of work — digging pits, loosening the soil, and so on. n. and rarely affects the process of digging in its original, traditional form. Here can help the new materials. For example, Teflon, which has low friction against the ground. If only these plastics are resistant to impact and abrasion, prices would not be Teflon shovel.

Another way to reduce friction — liquid grease moldboard part of spades (a. A. №423424), but it requires a microporous material through which gravity could leak fluid.

It can help shovel and compressed air. In 1973 in Japan, the inventor of Yamanaka Takanobu

Developed shovel with pneumatic vibrator mounted on the handle (Japanese Patent № 48-16523). When the disturbing force oriented along the vibrator stick, digging easier, especially dense clay. However, in this case, the worker «bound» rubber hose to a source of compressed air — compressor or pneumatic ball bosom, and deprived of mobility, but this can be reconciled as two to three percent’s share inaccessible machines digging, tens times increase the complexity and the cost of excavation.

However, whether the best way Takanobu uses his shovel compressed air?

The well-known formula of diggers: «Take more — throw more» — accurately shows that the most difficult. digging in — soil excavation and dropping. It is advisable to use the compressive force! of gas. This thought led us to develop the design of the pneumatic spade

, allowing diggers work without bending your back.

By the upper edge of the shovel is attached airtight chamber with connection for compressed air supply. Digger pushes vertically or at an angle of the shovel in the ground. Simultaneously 1ermetichnaya chamber is filled with compressed air. Then turn the lever on the handle of a shovel valve opens and compressed air rushes out of the cell through the conduit into the ground at the bottom edge of the shovel, and destroys it throws up and forward. Then, under the action of the spring valve spool returns to its initial position, again sealing chamber is filled with compressed air and the cycle is repeated.

Pneumatic spade work complete with a conventional compressor. Estimated consumption of compressed air per pneumatic spade — 0.1 M5 / min (about 10 times less than a jackhammer); the estimated performance of the excavator with a pneumatic shovel to 4.0-5.0 m3 of soil per hour and moving soil at a distance of 2-3 m or more, the effort expended only on the excavator shovel in the ground implementation. Especially effective acting shovel on heavy and wet soils, and the noise is significantly less than the jackhammer.

Sing simple and technological in manufacturing — it just 18-20 parts, weighs 4.5 kg, is very reliable. In laboratory tests, the valve device survived a 3500 trouble-free inclusion in the interaction with the ground, and never clean the valve and additional lubrication.

Operating pressure in the sealed chamber shovels 4-5 kgf / cm2. When air pressure 7-8 kgf / cm ‘shovel soil will drop by 8-10 m.

There is a drawback — a deep pit or a trench not vyroesh. At the height of the shovel «shoots» worse than a length.

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