Yusup Bakhshiyev of «mediator» and other science fiction television series.

Domestic kinodela rarely turn to fiction. And even more rarely take 3a basis of literary works of Russian or Soviet authors. One of those who decided to go against this trend — producer of «Antikiller», «gesture» and «Paragraph 78» (Yucyp G. Bakhshiyev. He is now completing work on the series «intermediaries» — an adaptation of the famous novel by Alexander Mirer «Fom wanderers» and plans to continue to move on the screen a few brilliant works of Soviet science fiction.

The format of the series is better suited for the movies

The first question is obvious: why did you take it as a basis for the book series Mirer -not Bulycheva, Belyaeva, Ephraim, Strugatsky? After Mirer never been science fiction, what is called the «first tier.»

Granted, he was not. And begin to work with him because I have a personal love for this book. In my childhood were favorite books: Mirer, Melent’ev, Moszkowski. Mirer absolutely shocked me, he turned to the child, but spoke to him on an entirely adult language. But I would palter if I said that it is only a personal relationship. Bodisnetchery is a very «namolennaya» theme throughout world cinema. The very idea that the evil that you face is inseparable from yourself …

I have tried to talk about it in the «Paragraph 78». There’s a similar situation: the heroes do not have to fight with some monsters, but with inner demons. By Strugatsky, by the way, I also plan to show.

And why the show rather than Full Movies?

Who in the world has gone slowly roll towards the television. We watch «Game of Thrones» — and there is a separate series, each made at the level of a good blockbuster. The extent of communication with TV viewers increases. Yes, we are still lagging behind. But still we go in that direction, almost in the tracks. A niche of Russian fiction on our television is not that yet — it would be like at all. I would like to be in the company of Alexander Cekalo who made «side of the Moon,» Zaur Bolotaeva («My Eyes») … After reading fiction, watching. The fact that there are a lot of bad works — it may simply warp transition. I want to be one of the producers who shoot fiction. If you do not start doing it right now, it may not be possible will never.

So you’re in their plans clearly thinkest format television series …

I want to work with literary sources.

I am in favor of the book for the film adaptation. Firstly, so I can satisfy my ego, bringing to the screen’s favorite books (laughs). The format of the show is better for this. Making full screen version of the meter is always problematic. Always. The result is far from the source. The series — a different matter entirely different method of storytelling. More than adequate for a book.

How difficult is it to do the film adaptation? As far as the script — another genre?

Of course, drama and dramaturgy book script differ. Although serial script closer to the book. But nevertheless, the series as a movie. — It is necessarily a general line. Of course, there is the plot branches, but they have the amplitude is fairly narrow. If you get carried away, immediately get lost protagonist, the main intrigue — and all the audience was distracted. In the book you can go to the side as far as desired, as in the series — no.

The novel takes place in the sixties Mirer in the USSR. What caused the transfer of the action in the present?

We decided to continue it Mirer. Do not rewrite the same events for our time, and to make the third part. If described Mirer aliens landed for the first time now, they would have no chance: with modern weapons, but with mobile phones and the Internet … But if we assume that they are watching the Earth, took into account the experience of the previous mistakes, and even here they acted residents … Right now we have perfectly good time for the landing of aliens: rusted missiles, all divided, no one will stand a wall. Some are easy to buy, you can negotiate with other …

The original story — this is for us the canon. What he wrote about in 1968, it was for us. It unleashes. You do not have to redo the book. Just the past — a past, a present-present, it should be from the past.

A book remains intact. Well, that is clear, that we and «intermediary» a little bit different, a little different there are aliens … But … Almost nothing of what we think up, is not contrary to the book. For example, a Mirer said that the less Marine angles, it is higher in the hierarchy. We have developed this idea: we capture the main wave — it’s all «nonagon», «octahedra» and so on. They are simple, bezemopionalnye these guys … And what rank is, the alien is closer to man. How that’s 103 square that instantly adapt to the human body was completely indistinguishable, on the contrary, people became even better … Mirer in such detail did not go, but it does not contradict the book.

What audience do you expect?

First of all — themselves. The series should first like to creators (laughs). But I hope that we will capture a wider audience than the traditional audience of the channel. Firstly, «Chief Noon» — a cult thing, so be added connoisseurs and lovers of Soviet science fiction. A lot of them, and found them in the most unexpected places. The whole audience … fan fiction evenly distributed in all layers of our society. And the main problem — collect them all in one place and say, «Guys, look, this is for you!» I have seen people in the audience mainly from twenty-five to forty years.

Those who are older, for the most part not so trusted fiction. Those who are younger may seem pereuslozhnёnnoy intrigue. But this age group, it seems to me, the most ready to accept such a product as a «mediator». In general, the script is designed so that almost every viewer will be able to find «their» hero. Despite the fact that the series for teenagers, it does have a lot of bright and adult characters. Every supporting character is revealed, it is voluminous and complex. Tugarin in which the action takes place — a small town, and it is almost complete predstavyaet slice of our modern society.

We deliberately lined up everyday, familiar to every world that slowly, gradually invaded by something completely alien, grows through the usual life. And we saw how life changes, changing the relationship between people like this everyday world erodes erosion.

Such a plot to invade unusual in routine is often the story of the temptation. But there is clearly a different case. And what is your story?

When the everyday world bombarded with temptation, the strength is checked human ethics. And we have a stake in the game — all of humanity, and ethics — it is only one aspect of what is happening. Our conversation goes on whether to remain a man of who that person really is. People perceive replanting ipoplapetyanina-thinking differently. Some are downright disclosed, as if only now beginning to really live. They previously did not seem to have lived and slept: were unhappy with the fact that they have no idea what they want to be a victim of circumstances … Other people invading Thinking perceive as an attack on their identity, for his freedom. On humanity. Others have and did so disclosed the potential of the brain and the person that may act on an equal footing with the invaders, resist them, and even win.

«Who else have us to fight with aliens.

HOW NOT TO CHILDREN and a drunkard «

In Hollywood fiction shoot tons and kilometers, and it is very popular all over the world. And we have — empty. And on some low budget situation can not be attributed: there are lots of great stories that do not require any serious entourage …

Yes, a lot of them! The most powerful dramatic scenes, which does not need any chart, nothing.

There is one reason. Inertia. Popular comedy gags. And they are removed one by one, and from the good deed goes unpunished. This is not a conspiracy of world behind the scenes, it’s an honest answer to the requests of the audience of filmmakers. Yes, and on television the first thing they ask for — this comedy. It seems that the whole country is laughing all day long.

Good. There Bulychev. From Guslyarskie stories can make a great comedy.

I request uo story «Need Free Planet» will soon try to attach a year. This sitcom, and our version of the blockbuster «rolling,» and our version of «The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy» in its purest form … Do not go: inertia. Why, even a minor deviation from the canon, if there is a tried and tested, proven schemes? And that is «trampling the clearing» and sooner or later demand will inevitably fall, no one thinks. Now the dream would be if there was a channel that would be a voice for the non-standard television. Our channel grid is painted, and people are already accustomed to, that would be eight and nine comedy comedy …

They themselves will primarily be unhappy if to deceive their expectations. So put all nonstandard midnight, and it misses by the audience does not get publicity and so is absurd whim of the owner of the channel. Such is the vicious circle. Talking with the channel: that’s your audience is watching fiction will gather … Let those who are watching fiction, too, and make them your audience! No inertia. With the same «intermediaries»: the moment when I brought the application to the channel until the work began, it took three years. Well, in the «intermediaries» such a story. that it is always current. And how many great ideas that at some point may well «shoot», can «go bad»? We have not yet formed an honest industry. Fair is not in the sense of working methods, and honest with itself, a product that produces. The industry, which does not go on about it, and she builds everything around him … But the industry does not exist apart from the state. We. certainly not engaged in politics, and the arts, but how is the situation in the country, so it is situation in the industry, there’s no getting around it. Art depends on the environment. But I believe that art should this medium as a form, convert. And we have it partly goes on about partly responds instinctive protest …

In general, I’m still doing what I think is right, and I try not to pay too much attention to what is happening around.

If we got into such a jungle … a show that you are doing now, it is also a kind of statement of the current the current situation. What is this statement?

How would this may sound pathetic — the consolidation of society. «Mediator» — a series of. that all of us in order to show their best side, we need some kind of idea. The unifying and uplifting. In the USSR this idea, for example, was bad and it was not, and the lie which was going around bad was the fact that life is different from the idea. I believe that if there is any union of the Nine, then these people to save civilization need to come up with an external enemy. External to all humanity, to our civilization. Then people will join.

The series is the product of a large, inevitably it contains different elements. But if simplify how would you define …

Black comedy.

That is how!

This factor — the emergence of completely alien things in a completely recognizable, a typical Russian city — will inevitably bring some things to the absurd. In some ways this was built the entire «Guslyarskie cycle» Bulychev. Take, for the fact that a drunken man can not be hooked Myslyaschsgo invaders, and eventually becomes drunk almost head resistance … It is perfectly natural for us, recognizable and both sad and funny. Well the truth is, who else we have to deal with the aliens, but children and drunks? Still there are some actors, with even quite serious roles that are so characteristic of tipazhnosti that one appearance in the frame forced smile. Well, maybe just a «black comedy» — it’s too hard … Maybe so: a drama with elements of comedy. But the comedy here — black.

We managed not to step on a rake typical fantastic when one of the characters explains rolls monologue? After all, there are characters in the story, as if specially designed for anything poobyasnyat … These heroes are. But you can always get away from submission template. For example, one of these characters — he’s just crazy. And when he tells something and explains he does so artistically, with the expression that it is impossible to tear his eyes. That is the kind of information flows, but in the frame continuously played some action.

Moments of pure horror there?

And it’s looking to be afraid. After all, everyone has his own horror, his phobia. The «intermediaries» the greatest horror of that man whom you know well, which peck of salt eaten in the evening goes to bed himself, and, roughly speaking, in the morning waking up totally different, alien, chuzhchym you … There is even, not a man. And you for it is not something that does not close, you’re just a means to achieve some of its goals. When mum and dad instead ask: «Son, how are you doing in school?», Stop paying attention to you or did you sit in a concentration camp …

«Does not want special effects helplessness»

Are you happy with what crept actors? Casting was very heavy. The plot is such that there are a lot of complex scenes. Here’s how to play a normal reaction of the girl when she was a young man said that he had just shot himself in the head of an alien? How to respond? So the samples were heavy. The protagonist was approved for a week before we started shooting, Alina — found three days before filming …

You, too, are in the list of actors. Who do you play?

I’m a local crime boss, who is engaged in the smuggling of fish. To him get crystal-minded, and he takes them for pearls, wants to sell, and transmits them to the assessment … So begins. At first, my character had to kill. But I did not want to leave the series, and the writers have suggested quite plague option. In short, the aliens use to the end of my hero face-down …

And that the «mediator» will be with special effects? First of all, they are not the main part of the show. There are several scenes, where it is shown that is not the world. Computer graphics needed primarily for this. And inside the appliance itself is action-mediator and some of the features of his work. I do not feel like helpless special effects, so all the computer graphics we terse and functional. I try to make sure that the effects were not seen, they are not isolated from the main action. Special effects have to help the perception and should not distract.

It is known that Andrew wrote Lazarchuk extended fictionalization of the series, entitled «In the name of * Way. What would it be for the book, and when it comes out?

Andrew came up with interesting additional lines that are not in the show — for example, the entire line Alesha Sokolov. In Mirer he was the main character, and the show is none. Lazarchuk made him a hero-narrator, and he came up with a story. The book is due out in «Eksmo» in September, along with the latest series. Then we pereizdadim and original novel Mirer. I would do differently: first, a month before the show, let ‘House wanderers «that all remember what was going on, and after the show publish adaptation. But it turns out otherwise.

At what stage work?

At the end of June is fully prepared twelve episodes. And the script is still ascending: if the first series of relatively calm, the farther the more tin …

«» Monday «-Scientific-FAB Sitka»

Do not you think, if successful, to do a second part where the characters fall into the world of aliens on the planet Balogh?

I would like to do in the event of success in the film more than a meter of the original two books. It will be two prequel to the TV series. But if «Chief Noon» — this is clearly playing a movie, the «House of wanderers» to be animated. «Chief Noon» generally poses no problem: the book has everything you need. Make it a good honest stylized cinema of the sixties and combine this with in a modern action-packed, add mirerovskuyu dramatic action to attract the younger audience, give them a chance to cling to the attention of the usual mode. But «House of wanderers» — it is a problem. And it’s not in the budget.

All events take place on another planet, the people are not there. … Baloga, we can make them any, of course, but I’m not sure it will be interesting to watch a half hour of the creatures that have no relationship to the people. In Hollywood, technology, perhaps it could be done, and we — no. I have thought that maybe when the Master sent Seva Masha Balogh on the planet, he put them into the heads of a chip, and they take all the usual way, that is seen on the ground Balogh people. And you can still show the failures of chip when through the usual faces begin to look through eerie alien creature … Or do Balogh minimally different from humans, but this is … boring. Baloha should be completely different, fundamentally different. And in the animated format inhuman facial expressions can be drawn and cute, and fun, so it will be interesting to watch. In any case, the director is needed, need someone who sees how it all should look like.

And what will happen after Mirer?

Plans lot. In addition to the «Monday» by Strugatsky, is a feature film based on the anime «First Squad», a small series of «Day of the Triffids» by John Wyndham, and of the aforementioned series of ironic novels Guslyarskie Kir Bulychev «Need Free Planet».

Can you tell us more about the «Monday»?

This can be a great contrast to that dill and bad taste, which now reigns on the screens. Very bright, clear thing, while not quite ideologized. In my presentation of the idea of ​​the series of «Monday» could be developed in two directions. The first — is to make the show as close to the text) ‘, but — just do not throw me in the right stool — in the format of sitcom.

I do not mean bad samples. But there are, for example, «The Big Bang Theory.» This sitcom — but it is a very smart, intelligent show. Even when the characters from the first series takes off his pants, it does not look vulgar. For me it was a shock that the sitcom about nerds, geeks can be so in demand. In the first season, and you could still learn something absolutely truly pocherpyvat knowledge. Yes, and the fact that the characters — well-educated, not villains, with irony, it is completely capable of human to stumble … In the «Big Bang Theory» there are enough hard dramaturgical framework. Each character performs its clear function within it is its development … No sntkomovskoy disease, when the character in different series performs different functions. It seems to me, «Monday» gives a huge amount of material for such a filing. Each tiny episode, each episodic character … The story of a purely Vybegallo sitcom! Iznakurnozh, A Janus and U-Janus Magnus Red’kin Merlin … If it works, then go further into the matter and «Tale of the Troika» and «all sorts of vanity» Lukyanenko … That is, the first direction — a scientific fairy tale sitcom.

The second trend — the introduction of some of the central line. For example, the lines of the White thesis, which was hunted heroes. And will have to strengthen the love line, say, Privalov and Stella … It has its difficulties. Our viewers accustomed to the fact that the heroes must save the world from a terrible threat, so this option will have to continue to move away from the text … And I do not want to move away from the Strugatsky. Then it is easier to write another original story and pretend that you give tribute … So now I’m more inclined to the first option.

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