As long as you don’t drop it, a great battery case

It was the slightest of falls. My cat, no doubt complaining about the state of his food bowl, knocked the Mophie Juice Pack Air-clad iPhone 5 to the floor from my nightstand. It landed butter — er, case-side up. The iPhone, which absorbed all the hit, was fine. The Juice Pack, not so fine. That’s the last time it worked.

Which is a crying shame, because until that fateful day, the Juice Pack had rapidly become my favorite iPhone 5 accessory. I would almost never make it a full day on a standard iPhone 5 charge. With the Juice Pack, I streamed a full baseball game on a road trip, used the iPhone 5 all evening, and still had some life in it in the morning. With the Juice Pack, I never, ever worried about my battery life.

The Juice Pack adds less than 2.7 ounces to the iPhone 5, and I actually found the curved back of the case made the iPhone more comfortable to hold. The Juice Pack Air also sat comfortably in my car holder. It’s available in black, white, and (PRODUCT) RED.

Using the Juice Pack is pretty easy. The iPhone 5 slides into the case, and you can charge the phone and the case via the included mini-USB cable. There’s no exterior lightning port, but that’s arguably an advantage of the Juice Pack, since mini-USB cables are everywhere. A switch on the back of the case charges the iPhone 5 from its 1700mAH battery.

The bottom line. The Mophie Juice Pack Air does a fantastic job of extending your iPhone 5 battery life. It’s just a shame that it can be knocked out by a cat.

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