More Details Released on South African Army Vulture Order

SOUTH AFRICA’S Advanced Technology and Engineering Company (ATE) has now revealed a little more detail about its sale of Vulture tactical unmanned air vehicle (TUAV) systems to the South African Army (see ATE To Begin Vulture UAV Production for South African Army, October, p20). The production order, which was signed with Armscor, South Africa’s state armaments acquisition and disposal agency, is for ‘more than two’ systems, to be delivered over a 22-month timeframe. ATE says that client confidentiality clauses within the contract prevent the company from revealing any further details. However, the production order is known to also include provision for spares and training. The Vulture TUAV will be used by the South African Army in the artillery spotting and reconnaissance roles for the Army’s long-range mobile artillery units. Reflecting developments since the Vulture programme was initiated, some 13 years ago, the production Vulture TUAVs for the Army will incorporate upgraded technology in some of the flight subsystems. The ground segment of the system is also being modified, and will include lowering the height of the truck-mounted launcher and ground control station cabin. Due to electrical power growth demands, an additional auxiliary power generator is also being incorporated.

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