My mate had to hold my head together!

DIY chap finds that work can literally do your noggin in!

HOW MANY times do we have to tell you, chaps? Motorbikes, lawn-mowers and DIY are not to be trusted. The latest fellow to fall foul of a little home improvement is Nuts reader Chris Ronayne, a project manager from Kent, who ended up with a spectacular headache and a wound to match when he was doing up his domicile.

“I was working on my town house,” he explains, “and had some scaffolding at the front. There were some blocks of wood sitting across the handrail, and I can only imagine the wind blew one off. It bounced on the floor, came back up and sliced my head wide open! The skin hung off like a piece of cloth. My mate had to push it back into place and hold it there. It didn’t hurt much — I guess I was in shock.”

The result: a grand total of 56 stitches inside and outside Chris’ head, and the mother of all migraines.

But there’s a happy ending. “I was meant to go on holiday soon after and I assumed I wouldn’t be able to,” says Chris. “But the neurosurgeon said I’d be fine, so I went off to Egypt and had a lovely time.”

What a lovely story! Apart from the stuff involving Chris’ head, obviously.

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