Furniture has been in his family’s blood for three generations since 1941. Nils Gunnar grew up without any expectations to join the family business, but stepped up to the challenge in 1996 to lend his expertise in corporate finance. He now heads IMG Norway, which spun off from the family business.

What was it like growing up in a family that runs и furniture business?

Ergonomic chairs is the core family business, so I was often reminded to sit properly. I didn’t listen then. But now, after years of carrying my kids around, I can only sit comfortably on a recliner. Younger people prefer more stylish designs and will not appreciate the comfort of a recliner, but I feel that it’s never too early to get acquainted with one.

What makes IMG’s recliners different?

Since the late ’70s, Norwegian manufacturers have mastered the technology behind cold cure moulded foam. Foam, in a liquid state, is injected into a closed mould, and then creams up to form a shape. This creates slimmer, more ergonomic structures. Cold cure moulded foam, the common denominator in all of IMG’s products, also has a higher density that makes it more durable. The conventional technique, commonly used even today, is to cut a block of foam and glue it together to form a shape.

Blow tftii’s the family’s Scandinavian roots influence your products?

The typical Scandinavian thinking, «less is more», is what we believe in. We try to make our designs as clean and functional as possible and avoid any gimmicks as I believe design should be purposeful. In Norway, it’s common to open your home to friends and family, and that’s why Norwegians have a culture of spending on their interiors. We uphold quality and comfort in our homes.

Style versus comfort at home — what are your thoughts on this?

When we build a recliner, it needs to be, above all else, durable, comfortable, and ergonomic. For recliners, we will never compromise quality or comfort for style. For sofas though, we offer slightly more stylish, but not-so-ergonomically perfect models for customers. That said, our sofas have shorter seats which provide better body support. Sofas with deeper seats might look better, but they’re not ergonomic.

Any tips on choosing the right recliner? The size is important. Most IMG recliners have two to three sizes, and some also come in different heights. Different designs also sit differently. So, test it out properly by trying it for 10 to 15 minutes.

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