It is rare to find people with a true passion for what they do, but it is even rarer to find people who recognize their purpose in life, as well as in their field. Danyelle Daniel of Keller Williams Heritage has seen the heights that someone with an awareness of professional purpose can reach: She is ranked in San Antonio’s Platinum Top 50 Realtors for 2013, 2012 and 2011.

Upon meeting her, I felt welcome in her gorgeous foyer and warm disposition. Her beautifully decorated house and open blue eyes made me feel like an old friend coming by to catch up. After offering me a bottle of water, conversation came easily.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Danyelle entered real estate upon a friend’s recommendation, after years of professionally challenging young audiences to live a life of no regrets. Soon after, she attended a one-hour real estate seminar she saw advertised. She was not impressed with the speaker, but one phrase stood out to her: “You are your client’s fiduciary.” A legal relationship of trust between parties, a fiduciary acts on good faith to take care of his or her clients, while doing business on their behalf.

“In my heart, I knew deep down that if I would truly put others first, I would succeed,” Danyelle said. “My mission is to help my clients reach their goals while exceeding their expectations.” Danyelle believes everyone has a purpose, and that one’s purpose may not necessarily correspond with his or her career. “Real estate is my career, but not my purpose.” There are certain professions where your heart has to be present in order to succeed. A sincere connection with one’s work in the service-based field of realty will take a realtor far. Danyelle believes real estate can be an avenue through which she can fulfill her own purpose in life: to make God famous.

“If you only use your gifts and talents to make yourself famous or just to get ahead, you’re really missing out on what life is all about. The best life is found in fulfilling our purpose.”

She recalls her first listing. While talking to the homeowners and preparing to list their property, Danyelle went out on a limb and asked to pray with them. “You have to be very careful; there’s a time and place for everything … I never want to [impose]; I want my clients to feel comfortable with me.”

However, the homeowners were “so relieved. It just took their stress level way down . and brought a lot of peace to the situation.” The house was sold at full price within six days. Danyelle considers this beginning one of her proudest professional moments, as it set the tone for her career.

When asked about one of her proudest personal moments, Danyelle recalled taking her father to Greece over Father’s Day and her birthday. She wrote a tribute to him, thanking him for everything he’d done for her and what he meant to her. She asked and received permission to read the letter over the plane’s P. A. system as they were flying on Father’s Day. The passengers burst into applause at the end.

“It was very difficult to hold it together! I can’t express the feeling in my heart, knowing that everyone on that plane could know who my father is, and what he has done for me. If it were my mother on Mother’s Day, I would’ve done the same thing. I have wonderful parents who have given of themselves with a love that exceeds words.”

Danyelle is quoted as saying, “You were made to make a difference, and you have been materially gifted and strategically placed to serve.” She believes “charity should come from the heart.” Where some people see complexity and shift responsibility, Danyelle believes those who are blessed and have been given much have the “duty and privilege to willingly and sacrificially give.”

In her free time, Danyelle describes herself as having wanderlust. “I love to travel and see new places, and I also love to come back home!” She also likes to hike in the outdoors. Her conquests include Antarctica, the Canadian and American sides of the Rocky Mountains and Machu Picchu in Peru. Apart from exploration and travel, she also enjoys kayaking and dancing.

An adventurer and somewhat of a philosopher, Danyelle is experiencing success while fulfilling her purpose in life. She has earned her place in the San Antonio real estate market through grace, intuition, diligence and natural savvy.

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