Rosicky: «My time for trophies is now!»

The veteran lays down some bold ambitions!

Hi Tomas! Do Arsenal really have it in them to mount a serious title challenge?

I believe so. We’ve waited long enough. This must change. I believe we have a strong group who can aim for such things.

Most people will say you’re being a bit optimistic…

People can say what they like — I know what our qualities are. With so many top teams it’s difficult to be winning things all the time, but if we stick together and fight we can do well.

Why the confidence, given the lack of silverware?

You saw last season that when we performed to our talent, we won games. It’s just getting that consistency over the whole season. We have also kept our best players which can’t be underestimated.

Arsene Wenger has been criticised for not being more aggressive in the transfer market. Has this affected the players?

I’m sure the manager’s always looking at players and if some come in, then that’s great. What he has done for Arsenal is fantastic so I have total confidence in him.

I won’t say more than that.

At 32, you’re now one of the older heads. Do you give the younger guys advice?

I’m always available to pass anything on if needed. At the moment I’m focused on making this season the best it can be for the team and myself. I can honestly say I’ve never been hungrier.

Is that because you’re in the last year of your contract?

I’m feeling good now. I missed so much football that I’m working hard to make the most of the opportunities I have.

But you’d like a new contract?

I mainly want to win the title! But, yes, I’ve said before I’d like to finish my career at Arsenal. If I can do both I’ll be very happy indeed!

Paulinho: «AVB is big in Brazil!»

The new recruit gets ready for the Gooners!

Hi Paulinho! Why did you choose Spurs over the likes of Chelsea, Real and Inter?

I just liked the conversations we had. The chance to play in one of the best leagues in the world was too good to turn down. I also understand the way this team likes to play. I knew I could feel at home here.

Was it a tough decision?

Leaving Corinthians was very emotional for me. It’s a special club. The people there will always be in my heart. But I had to take this opportunity. I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t.

What will you bring to Spurs?

Hopefully I’ll be able to play my natural game, driving forward, making space and completing good passes.

And maybe score some goals! I’m excited to be part of a club that plays a style of football that excites me and I respect. Maybe I can give the team an extra edge in the big moments?

I certainly hope so.

Speaking of respect, we hear you hold Andre Villas-Boas in high regard.

Everyone in Brazil does.

I like how he is, how he talks to his players, always encouraging and trying to get you to perform to your best. We’ve spoken about how I’d fit into the team and it was very positive.

No matter how loudly he screamed, ball just wasn’t scared.

The style of football here is noticeably difficult for South Americans to deal with…

I knew that the football was faster here, with less time on the ball and lots of physical confrontations.

And yeah, I’ve already seen this is true! But I think my own style complements this. I won’t hide from the physical side, that’s for sure.

What did fellow countryman David Luiz have to say about life in the Premier League?

He said it was a challenge but a greatly exciting one. This is a football country, for sure. The fans and the atmosphere in every game -against big teams and small ones — were like nothing he’d ever seen. I can’t wait to experience this for myself on a regular basis.

Looking forward to the derbies against Arsenal?

I’m used to fierce rivalries between local clubs. This is not something that will intimidate me, exactly the opposite in fact. Knowing the club and the supporters are desperate for a result -that’s a very powerful thing.

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