Norwalk Furniture, Design you could search through galleries and websites for months and still have no guarantee youll be able to find it. Unless, that is. you save yourself all that headache and go straight to Norwalk Furniture & Design.

Norwalk’s custom orders are made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality, priced competitively and delivered in 35 days or less. With a vast list of detail options — from the shape of a leg to thousands of upholstery possibilities — providing optimal creative control over the design process, every item Norwalk produces has the potential to be one of a kind. It’s easy to specify what you de¬sire and then relax in confidence, knowing your dream piece is underway.

If the ideal look isn’t yet fixed in your mind. Norwalk offers complimentary design service from highly qualified professionals (they also design custom drapes and bedding and offer free paint consultations), plus the opportunity to discover items available on the spot in its lavish showroom and design gallery filled with luxury furniture, lighting. art and accessories. Owners, operators and community supporters Cindy Curly and Ryan Johnson invite you to Norwalk to take control of your style.

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