Old World Iron

It’s about time lessness. The enduring strength and character of iron, combined with the benefit of modern fabrication techniques, results in craftsmanship that adds lasting value to your home or project. But most of all. according to owner Todd Miller. Old World Iron is about relationships.

Customers receive the exceptional benefit of the decades of experience Miller and his team bring to channeling ideas and practical inspiration into ex¬pert design work and detailed renderings — at no extra charge. And with the personal rapport that arises from producing custom work to exacting specifications and the company’s focus on impeccable results. Old World Iron is ready and happy to provide prospective clients with hundreds of glowing references from builders, designers, decorators and homeowners.

While the name sounds traditional. Old World Iron is also an excel¬lent source for more modern looks like stainless and brushed steel finishes or geometric patterns. Whatever your stylistic tastes, for fabricating staircases and railings, specialty doors, gates, balconies, fixtures and furniture, mail¬boxes. fireplace doors and screens, corbels and dozens of other custom items, the professionals at Old World Iron will combine expert design with the highest quality materials to create a solid, enduring investment in your home’s aesthetic appeal.

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