Announced at the same time as the PEN E-P5, the VF-4 is the latest in a line of attachable electronic view-finders (EVF) for the Olympus PEN range and XZ-2 (while it’ll also attach to some Leicas).

While some photographers will be quite happy with the rear screen for composition, the shooting style of a camera with a viewfinder is much more pleasurable, and using the VF-4 with the E-P5, it really enhanced our shooting experience.

The specification even eclipses the EVF on the OM-D, with an impressive resolution of 2.36m dots and a tilting mechanism of up to 90° for low-angle shooting. There’s also a built-in eye-sensor, and the 1.48x magnification (equivalent to 0.74x in 35mm terms) is impressive.

In use, it’s one of the best EVFs we’ve seen, with excellent contrast across the frame, and the magnification means the view is far from tunnel-like, delivering a large image that’s a match for any APS-C DSLR.

There’s now a locking system in place so it won’t slip off the hot shoe in transit, and while the plastic finish does jar a bit with the metal finish of the E-P5, that’s the only real negative. If you’ve got a PEN, then this should be at the top of your accessory list.

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