1. Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?

“It was in a lift! We only had to go up two floors so it was very exciting and the thought that somebody might be waiting for the lift at the top felt very naughty.”

2. What’s your trademark move in the bedroom?

“Sex from behind, mainly because of my bum and long ponytail. I love not being able to see the bloke but being able to hear him. I’ve been told my bum’s a massive turn-on, too!”

3. What really turns you on?

“Watching naughty programmes! There’s something about seeing hot girls and guys exciting each other that I find really hot.

I also love being kissed from head to toe, slowly starting at my neck and working down.

It makes me shiver!”

4. What one thing would you really like to try but haven’t got round to yet?

“I’d love to be really naughty in a car. We’d drive somewhere in daylight then put the back seats down. The thought of that really gets me going.”

5. Ever got it on with another girl?

“No, but I’d give it some serious consideration. Actually, it’s always been a bit of a fantasy of mine — especially if it was with girls in strip clubs. The thought of having a private dance first is a really big turn-on for me.”

6. Have you ever made a sex tape?

“I haven’t yet, but the thought of making one’s really appealing. I’d particularly like watching it back later! Even more so if it was filmed somewhere naughty.”

7. What’s the rudest thing you’ve ever done?

“I’d say being very naughty in the woods was pretty rude.

It was exciting because it was very spontaneous, and I could hear people walking past, but I couldn’t control the noises I was making!”

8. What’s your favourite position?

“That’s a really hard one! I love being on top but I also love it from behind. On top means I can be in control, pin his arms down and watch him getting wound up because he can’t touch me!”

9. Is it better to give or receive?

“I like both at the same time! That way we can both have loads of fun I love to look a guy in the eyes while I’m driving him insane!”

10. What’s your sexy outfit of choice?

“I have a sexy lace bodystocking that shows everything.

I love wearing my black stilettos with it and putting on red lipstick to finish off the look.”

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