Stash your stuff in these stylishly engineered bags from Thule.

These are the pogiest’s pieces of man-bag we’ve seen in a while. And we can’t just say “bag” because Cosmopolitan and Preview magazine already own the rights to the word and any discussion of it.

This is a man-bag, and Thule (pronounced “thu-la,” or “tool,” whichever feels better on your tongue), the Swedish brand best known for their car racks, has launched a line of lifestyle bags that defines urban swag. Manly (can’t emphasize this enough), neutral- colored, and obviously winning big in the tibay department, this new line of backpacks, cool convertible maletas, and camera cases look good for work, are roomy enough for play, and sturdy enough to go both ways.

It’s kitted out with ample space for your tech. It has a designated SafeZone pouch that protects your valuables like phones and pricey Ray- Bans from getting scratched. You’ve got lots of room for clothes, or more gadgets, but each one is specifically engineered to protect your back from the weight. It’s the kind of bag for the dude who will not be caught dead unprepared.

FHM’s pick:

The awesome rolling maleta that converts handily into a backpack for those long-haul flights, and the perspective collection of camera bags with top zippers and loads of extra storage for our nagfi-feeling photo days. Looks pricey? It kind of is. But looking at all the crap you’ve already bought anyway thanks to your «hobby», this is one purchase you won’t be wasting money over.

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