PANAROMAS MADE FUN. Add Some Foreground Impact.

While making panoramas of vast landscapes, you can create impact by including an interesting foreground element. Due to their unique aspect ratio, panoramas provide for a wide expanse which can help you make the best of the foreground. For example, when shooting a forest you can include a few blades of grass immediately in front of you. This is a stronger compositional choice and conveys more information about the scenery.

Stitch With a Twist

If you prefer stitching multiple photographs together by simply using the panorama mode, you can also have quite a lot of fun. Previsualise the final image and shoot several frames for the same. Instead of keeping the settings constant for each image, do the exact opposite. You can experiment with different exposures, colour temperatures, focal lengths or even shoot at different times of the day. Once you are sure that you have covered the entire scene, use a software like Photoshop to join them like a jigsaw puzzle to make a panorama that is a storehouse of information about the location.

Go Vertical

We are so used to seeing panoramas in the horizontal format that no one attempts making vertical panoramas. This works best to emphasise height when photographing subjects like buildings, waterfalls and trees. Vertical panoramas, which one would otherwise consider unusual, have found a new platform with multiple social media websites acting as perfect places to share them. Also, what with the availability of the panorama mode in most cellphones and compact cameras, this is now just an easy task of sweeping your camera vertically

Take Them Indoors

Have you considered making a panorama at home? It is one of the most challenging tasks as it is hard to get the perspective right. Walls, pillars and a variety of other household items are involved, and so, even slight distortion can destroy the image.

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