An extra battery for your iPhone that doesn’t suck

Getting your iPhone’s battery to last all day can be a challenge. We’ve all got chargers stashed around work, home, and our vehicles, but, obviously, none of those are very helpful when you’re nowhere near a power connector. By tossing the Powerskin PoP’n in your bag, you can effectively double your iPhone 5 battery life. Since it’s not a form-fitting case, the PoP’n will also charge other lightning-port-equipped devices.

The Pop’n case attaches to the back of your iPhone via suction cups. While we’re not overly thrilled with the connection — the iPhone still shifts a bit while suctioned — it really isn’t a deal breaker. The Pop’n can usually be kept in your bag anyway, to be connected when you need to charge up. Though Powerskin markets this as a case, we find that it operates and feels more like an external battery pack.

It takes about two hours to fully charge your iPhone 5 with the PoP’n case, with a bit of juice left over to top off again if needed. Unfortunately, it’s not a very professional-looking case — the PoP’n looks like a wart suction-cupped to the back of your iPhone.

The bottom line. Looks aside, this is a sturdy case that survived the usual nicks, dings, and drops. If you are looking for an external battery that can charge any Lightning-equipped device — and don’t want to keep your phone in a case — PoP’n has your (iPhone’s) back.

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