RAAF livery refinements

CONTINUOUS EVALUATION AND experimentation into the effectiveness of camouflage schemes has led the RAAF change the livery of their P-3C Orions.

Although the ‘toning down’ the P-3Cs has been tried previously, a three-tone grey livery has now been adopted and will be applied to the entire inventory as depot level maintenance is carried out on each machine. The livery is representative of the various camouflage schemes adorning the ASW/Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft of most Western nations and is particularly suited to low-level operations over oceanic backgrounds.

Trials with a new livery for the F/A-18 inventory recently began with William town-based No 77 Squadron. A21-20 was selected for the trials and is now resplendent in an overall application of dark grey but retaining the nigh-viz national and squadron markings. Evaluation will be conducted over land and maritime environments.

At the other end of the spectrum, the need to create a highly visible piece of military equipment is still required to suit particular taskings. An example of this is the all-white livery adorning a DHC-4 Caribou of No. 38 tactical transport Squadron, now based at Amberley in South East Queensland. A4-236 has received this high-visibility scheme to operate in support of Australian troops in Cambodia and Somalia.

Craig P Justo

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