Reclaimed Lumber Solutions

Reclaimed Lumber Solutions offers homeowners, interior designers. architects and builders custom solutions for one-of-a-kind home furnishings, indoor outdoor re¬modeling. kitchen countertops, cabinetry. millwork. entryways and more. Reclaimed Lumber Solutions stands out for its dedication to excellence, made- in-Oklahoma partisanship and unique raw material sourcing.

Through reclaiming and reimagining butcher-block-sturdy wood from historical rail cars and cargo containers, owners Jason and Cherami Thomas have built a business transforming what were the workhorse backbones of industrial America into objects of beauty, function and singular provenance for discerning homeowners and high-end furniture retailers across the Midwest.

Reclaimed Lumber Solutions’ on site contracting work at luxury lofts, homes and commercial projects includes centerpiece islands, flooring and high-style exposed ceiling beams. Thomas’ work encompasses every style from modern lofts to Country French.

Come to Reclaimed Lumber So¬lutions’ workshop to marvel at richly grained farm tables, alluringly stained and painted benches, coffee tables and pub tables. Each piece evokes their history and an enduring solidity that can be passed on for generations.

Choosing an extraordinary creation from Reclaimed Lumber Solutions does far more than beautify your home — it makes a statement about who you are and your pride in Oklahoma excellence.

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