Reduce noise

Learn to bring out detail in low-tight photos

Digital noise is the grain that can sometimes appear in photos and reduce their quality. It’s a particular problem when shooting in low light. Increasing your ISO to make the sensor more sensitive to light and brighten up the shot can help to create a well-exposed image, but it also has the side effect of creating digital noise. However, this also depends on the camera. You could brighten up your shots by using a slower shutter speed or wider aperture instead, but if this isn’t possible, editing software can help save the day.

Clean up shots. Use Photoshop Elements 11 to remove grain.

Reduce the noise.

Once you have opened up your image, click on the Filter tab and then go to Noise>Reduce Noise. The software will then automatically reduce the amount of noise in your photo.

Adjust the strength.

If you’re not happy with the automatic noise reduction, you can increase or reduce the effect applied to your shot by adjusting the Strength slider or inputting a specific percentage amount.

Make further adjustments.

Boosting the Preserve Details slider will protect the edges and detail in your shot, but also reduce the amount of noise removal. To target unusually coloured grain, boost the Reduce Colour Noise slider.

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