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The recent regulatory changes have made many people wonder if they could ever own a car. After all, buying a car comes with big commitments. Besides the down payment and monthly instalments, there are maintenance and repair costs, road tax and insurance.

What if we tell you there’s a more cost effective way?

Yes, instead of buying, you can lease. Leasing means lower financial commitments in every way. You don’t pay a hefty 50% down payment. Plus, we can show you the total cost of leasing can be lower than buying. While others talk about peace of mind in buying cars, there’s simply no comparison when it comes to leasing.

Here’s more good news. Most of us fancy changing to a new car every few years. All you have to do is sign up for a new car once your lease is up. You don’t have to worry about the uncertain depreciation risk of ownership. However, if you simply love the car and wish to own it, a buy back option is also available at the end of the lease.

Sold on the idea of leasing? Before you commit though, make sure that you choose a reputable leasing company. With our background in the dealership of world-class marques, such as Bentley, Jaguar and Volvo, and more than three decades of leasing experience, you can trust Wearnes as your reliable leasing partner. Let us do the work while you drive the car you want, worry-free.

Your lease with Wearnes also comes with:

0 Comprehensive insurance З3 Personal Accident Insurance cover 0 Road tax

0 Full maintenance & servicing

0 24-hour roadside assistance in Singapore & Malaysia 0 Vehicle pick-up & delivery 0 Replacement vehicle 0 Tyres & battery replacement

0 Buy back option at the end of lease

Contact your Wearnes Leasing Consultant now for more information: Tel: 6876 5063 | wearnes.leasing a

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