Send a photo collage email using iPhoto

Make and send elegant collages on your Mac

Sending a selection of photos to your friends and family via email can be a laborious task for both you and the recipient. Images have to be attached to the message, perhaps in more then one email if the files are too large, and then your loved one has to open each individual photo when the emails arrive in their inbox.

Thankfully, iPhoto provides a simple solution to sharing multiple images. Apple’s photo management software iPhoto lets you create an elegant collage of your shots that can be customised to suit a particular, style, theme or occasion. Choose from a selection of templates to get started, and then change the size and order of your photos as well as the font and colours you want to use in the design. The collage can then be emailed straight from iPhoto, so you don’t even need to open up your email application. Better still, you can access all of your email contacts, so sending out your collage is a breeze. The application even lets you attach high-res versions of your photos that the recipient can download and keep, with iPhoto optimising your email to ensure that it is never too big to send.

iPhoto comes pre-installed on new Macs or it’s on the Mac App Store for ?10.49/$14.99. Once it has installed, use our guide to make your very own stylish collage.

Create a collage. Share a compilation of photos with iPhoto.

01 Select your shots

Open up iPhoto and click on the photos you want to include in your collage. Remember that the more images you select, the bigger your email attachment will be. Then click Share in the bottom right-hand corner and select Email from the menu that appears.

02 Choose your recipient

An email interface will now open up, and you can enter your usual email information at the top. Type in the name of one or more people to send the email to, give it a subject name and then select which email account you wish to send it from.

03 Select a template

There are ten template options to choose from on the right-hand side that will already display your photos in a random order. We have chosen the Postcard option to go with our ‘Day at the beach’ theme, but you may wish to go for ‘Celebration’ or ‘Collage’.

04 Change the text

Now you can personalise your collage even further by adding in your own titles and messages. Click on the text boxes in your photo collage and a series of menus will also appear that let you change the font, size and alignment of your text.

05 Adjust your photos

You can now drag your shots around to position them where you want them in the collage. A slider will also appear above your shots, which will allow you make them bigger or smaller until they are the size you would like them.

06 Attach original files

By clicking the ‘Attach photo to message’ box, your original photos will also be attached to your message. This means that the recipient can download the images to keep them, as well as view them in your collage as a PDF.

07 Change the size

If you do decide to attach your shots, you can then select the size of your photo files. You can attach them as their full size, or send smaller shots that will take up less space on your recipient’s computer. When you are done, click Send.

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