Well, it must be like beating a dead horse because every month when I write to the DA guys I always say I’m busy. I’m not lying this time, though — I’ve been flat out.

I think I’m about four days late on the column deadline and I’m lying in my motel on a Monday night getting goggles ready for the first GNCC tomorrow, so you guys should feel lucky I took the time to wrote this up. Ha!

So I’m proud to say that my team has come together and once we set everything up at the track this weekend I was so pumped to have done what I set out to do with the whole team thing. Rocky Mountain stepped up and allowed me to afford a real pit setup with all the stuff and apart from a few things I’d messed up it’s going to be awesome. The new Rocky Mountain Racing team is looking the part on GNCC pro row.

I’ve done a fair bit since last time. I found a place to rent in North Carolina and moved in and pretty much got sorted out. I’ve also found some new places to ride and some new people to train with, which is good. I got my new van and new trailer wrapped and had pretty much the whole pit set up. printed and ordered.

I got one race in before heading down to Florida for the GNCC. There’s a local Hare Scramble series around NC so I headed down for that. It was good finally racing again after five months. I worked out that the last time I raced was in Germany for the ISDE, so I was a little rusty, but it was a good test for the bike and myself.

Another fun thing I got to do which I hadn’t done in a long time was some camping at the track. My buddies and I headed down to a sand track to ride one weekend and decided to camp out and rough it. I forgot how fun it was hanging out around a fire, talking crap and setting things on fire. And I enjoyed it in the morning as well, making a toasting stick and cooking some toast like in the good old days.

Well, I’m keeping it short but I’ve broken in the race bike and had a small practice session today out at the track. I feel good and hope all goes well tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to getting out there and racing. We also have the second round this weekend so we have only four days in between races, which makes it a tough start to the season.

Until next time, stay safe and pin it.

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