I am a regular reader of Guitar & Bass, usually between songs at We Will Rock You, where I have been the bassist in the band since the musical opened in 2002. Prior to that, I played with Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath, Brian May etc, but in the ’70s when I wasn’t touring or recording you could often find me hanging around in Top Gear in Denmark Street. Reading Sid Bishop’s column each month is therefore very nostalgic, but it was quite a shock nonetheless to find myself in a photo in the June issue in Sid’s column. I wasn’t employed there, so it’s incorrect to call me a co-worker of Sid’s, but you’d be forgiven for thinking I was since I was there so often. Maybe ‘Neil’ was written on the back of the photo? It’s definitely me on the right of that photo with my back to the camera – I enclose a promo shot of myself in Colosseum II from 1975, wearing the same jacket (probably the only one I owned back then!). [L-R: Jon Hiseman, Gary Moore, NM, Mike Starrs, Don Airey] Sid and the other guys were always very friendly and easy-going, whilst still being very knowledgeable about the guitars that passed through the shop. Guilty admission: if anyone owns a mid-’70s Gibson double-neck that they bought from Top Gear, it’s me who caused a ding in the body near the bridge – sorry!

Neil Murray via email

G&B Sorry for the confusion, Neil. We’re more than happy to right the wrong and publish the Colosseum photo. We also admire a man willing to own up to a ding, however belatedly. Best of luck with everything, and we hope you continue to enjoy the magazine.

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