Share a collection of your shots on SlickPic.

Giue your best images the exposure they deserve.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of capturing a head-turning shot. While you’re learning the ropes of photography, that feeling will occur more and more often as your skills constantly improve. But it’s a huge shame to get so much satisfaction from taking a photo without sharing the beauty of it with other people. When you’ve got something to shout about, why not tell the world?

This is where the photo-sharing website can help you out. It’s completely free to sign up to and provides you with a versatile and intuitive platform on which to showcase your growing photo talents. You can upload albums, compile them into collections and share these on all manner of social networks. You can also create your own personal photo blog alongside your image galleries and interact with the SlickPic community at the same time. Or, if you prefer, you can keep your shots private and share them with family and friends, or even simply use SlickPic as an online storage and organisation tool.

If you decide that you like SlickPic, download the free apps for iPhone and Android. You can also upgrade your account to take advantage of extra benefits such as more storage, video uploads and no pesky adverts. A yearly Plus account will cost you approximately £16/$25, and a Pro account is about £65/$100. Here, we’ll show you just a few of SlickPic’s brilliant features.

Show the world. Get your images out there.

Load up and sign up.

Head to and click Sign Up to create an account or log in with Facebook or Google. You’ll then be taken to My Home. Here, you can access SlickPic’s features and privacy options. Your content is public by default, so change this if you want.

Create an album.

Above your profile info, hit Upload Photos. This takes you to a screen where you can drag and drop images or select multiple files to upload. Give your album a name, and as each image loads you can fill in extra information about it in the boxes below.

Share it!

Once your album has uploaded, you’ll see it under My Albums/Web Gallery in the My Organizer screen. This contains all your options. Click on the bullseye next to your album for more actions, then hit Share Album for a choice of display methods.

Fill your photo blog.

To blog about an album, hit the bullseye symbol again and select Create Photoblog Post. You’ll be taken to the editor, where you can add text and decide what images to use. Hit Publish and then click Share to let everyone know you’ve blogged.

Compile collections.

To share shots, create a collection. In My Organizer, click the My Collections options, then Create New Collection. Go back to an album, select shots to add and in the Actions tab hit Add To Collection. Then customise and share via Share Collection.View your Web Gallery

All of the images you’ve uploaded are shown in your Web Gallery, which is how your SlickPic albums appear to viewers. Check it out via the My Web Gallery tab in the top-right. You can view albums, edit captions, customise the layout, share and much more.

Explore the community.

Hit the Community button in the top-left corner to discover hundreds of excellent images from SlickPic’s community of photographers. Explore a bit to search and favourite images, as well as message and follow other users.

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