She demanded what?

Trust us, you are seriously chilled compared to these bonkers brides. We know because the planners told us!

Venice, Midlands

‘One bride was so obsessed with where her husband had proposed — Piazza San Marco in Venice — that she demanded we recreate it… in a hotel ballroom in Birmingham. We hired opera singers, gelato vendors and created mock-Renaissance fountains, all indoors. Did it look like Venice? No. Vegas, maybe.’

No stamps required

‘I worked with one couple who were having a Bollywood-themed wedding, and the bride demanded that we had all 75 UK invitations hand-delivered by specially hired couriers dressed in bright, colourful Indian attire.’

Dress code: Ray-Bans

‘It seems unbelievable (most brides want to be the centre of attention), but I worked with one woman who was cripplingly self-conscious. She asked if I could force everyone to wear sunglasses for the ceremony — she felt that if all the guests wore shades during the vows then she wouldn’t see them looking at her!’

Bride on the warpath

‘We had a bride interested in getting married on HMS Belfast, who had the simple request that the ship must sail under Tower Bridge so she could pose for photos as it opened behind her. We explained that it had been moored and out of action for 40 years, and that it would cost us potentially millions of pounds to get it moving again, but she was adamant. After weeks of phone calls and emails still pursuing the subject, the bride finally relented and booked another vessel; one that can actually sail down the Thames.’

‘Get cooking!’

‘One bride told us that she wanted 100 different types of canapes served throughout the afternoon. Yes, 100 different dishes when normally we recommend between five and 10. We politely explained that this was a mammoth (not to mention uneconomical) task, and that cooking 100 recipes from scratch would require more chefs in the kitchen, plus far more waiting staff to circulate the platters. However, she’d made up her mind. The best bit? She sat through a series of tasting sessions sampling all 100 canapes!’

‘I’ve got just the theme…’

‘We did an initial consultation with a young couple about their wedding theme. The groom was nicknamed Pants — it had something to do with his surname — so the bride thought it would be a hilarious idea to have the wedding themed around underwear. They pictured me stringing up pants on clothes lines and having tables with names like ‘Y-fronts* and ‘G-string’. I thankfully managed to steer them into more subtle waters, but it is hands-down the oddest theme I’ve ever been asked for.’

Whiter than white

‘A few years ago I worked with a bride who was very specific about her pure white wedding dress not clashing with anything. So when she saw the groom’s choice of hire car — a stylish vintage vehicle with tasteful grey leather interiors — she was concerned the shade would make her dress look yellow and asked me to enquire about the possibility of re-upholstering the seats for the day! Of course, they would have been able to do it for a price but eventually I persuaded her it wasn’t necessary — with the help of some photos of sample material «not clashing» with the colour of the seat.’

Pre-wedding butterflies

‘One bride wanted every single guest in the church to hold a butterfly, then release them one by one as she walked down the aisle. It never happened of course, but I had to explain carefully that it wasn’t really that fair to the butterflies…’

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