1. Greenhouses are great places to photograph flowers because the lighting is usually diffused and there is no wind. Wind is the enemy of macro photography. Most public greenhouses allow tripods, too, so you can have as much depth of field as you want.

2. Landscape photography requires complete depth of field virtually without exception. I recommend using f/22 or f/32 if foreground elements are close to the camera. If everything in the composition is far away, then you should use f/8 for maximum sharpness.

3. When traveling to another city, stay in a hotel with a great view. You can research this online. Look for rooftop restaurants, buildings situated a few blocks from downtown, as well as hotels with great lobbies. I’ve taken dozens of cool shots just because I stayed in a hotel with photo ops. This is a shot of Singapore.

4. When you photograph people outdoors in the shade, you don’t need fill flash as long as the background is shaded, too. In this case, a white wall was behind the young girl at the Jember Fashion Carnaval in Indonesia. The soft lighting was ideal to show the great color and the girl’s beautiful features. Contrast wasn’t an issue.

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