Show guide.

Slleeping beauties. Check out our guide of what to expect at the Telford International Centre.

There will be new products galore as the leading bedding manufacturers gather at Telford.

AJ Foam will show its latest products from its Pureflex, Neptune and Memory Sleep brands.

Bodet and Horst’s Check Point fabric uses a hygiene sensor to signal when mattress and pillow covers need washing. Indicator particles integrated into the textile react to different contaminants such as dust mites, skin scales, bacteria, or bodily fluids. The color of the Check Point fabric changes to give the user a signal that cleaning is necessary. After washing, the indicators return to their original color.

Breasley Consumer will showcase its Salus Couture’ collection featuring Viscool memory foam technology. The company says this has been thermographically proven to stay cooler longer than standard memory foam.

Burgess Beds is unveiling the Signature collection using natural materials that have been handcrafted in the same way for almost a century, alongside an ottoman storage divan to suit any weight mattress and headboard.

Carpenter will display its latest Sleep Better products.

The latest models from its Hamilton and James, Pennine Beds, Kaye and Stewart and Deluxe Beds ranges will be on the Deluxe Beds stand.

DesleeClama will release its Historian Collection of woven and knitted mattress fabrics, along with six mattress fabric concepts specially selected for the UK mattress market.

Dunlopillo is introducing a wider fabric range for its Star Collection.

Furmanac will display the latest products from its MiBed and Hestia brands.

GNG Group will show updates to the Zen range, including the introduction of the Adaptive climate control fabric.

An all-natural Turn Free collection, complemented by in-vogue colourways, new headboard designs and low upholstered bed frames, will all be debuted by Harrison Beds.

Highgate Beds will show off its latest 2013 models.

RA Irwin’s launch is Lush chenille fabrics for borders and bases.

On its stand, Kaymed will focus on its iKool temperature regulating gel memory foam.

King Koil will launch natural backcare beds to appeal to both the natural products buyer and those seeking a bed to alleviate back care concerns.

From Kyoto is updated upholstered beds along with a new selection of traditional headboards and floorstanding models with accent pieces to match.

Latex Wholesale is promoting its latest latex bedding components including mattress cores, latex in sheet form and rolls, latex pillows, finished latex mattresses and toppers.

Layezee will continue to focus on the young adult market.

Leggett & Platt’s Softech Layers ultra-low-profile spring filling layer is designed to tackle settlement. They can be placed on top of innerspring and topper systems to boost overall coil count or layered for an enhanced level of comfort.

Monks International will show its latest jacquard woven ticking, double knits and upholstery style ticking.

Millbrook Beds is showcasing its latest range of products and concepts for 2014.

Myer’s will present its pocket range together with bedroom solutions for a younger audience.

Palatine Beds will highlight its full range of contract bed sets, including luxury hotel mattresses, fully breathable, anti-static, water resistant mattresses, and budget contract mattresses for student accommodation, hostels and rental properties.

Relyon will be showing the FIRA Gold standard awarded Boutique contract collection, its latest upholstered bed frames, and the updated Royal Heritage Montacute model, low height divan options to match the trend for deeper mattresses, an updated headboard collection, and a revised ottoman base design.

From Shire Beds will be its Pocket Shire, Memory Shire, Latex Shire, Ortho Shire, Comfort Shire, Eco Shire and Active Shire collections.

Siesta Beds will celebrate 25 years of manufacturing with its latest designs.

Silent Sleep Beds introduces 3D Airflow pocket sprung mattress technology and its Active Support Airflow open coil spring system along with its latest ottoman bases.

The Sleep Council will tell retailers about its planned activities for the next few months.

Sleepeezee will present models from its Pure collection, which were part of the Coronation Festival during the summer. It will also introduce models featuring latex, and other pocketed models with high spring counts. The Pirelli branded collection, introduced in January, will be expanded.

Sleepshaper is looking to build on the success of Mammoth with new POS and products alongside the relaunch of the SleepShaper brand and the launch of its vacuum packed ranges.

Slumberland is unveiling contemporary designs to complement its current range and new fabrics.

SMK Textiles, in partnership with Coverconf of Italy, will present its latest range of zipped mattress covers.

Pocket spring manufacturing equipment producer Springform Technology will show its upgraded twin- head pocket spring coiler and assembler.

From Staples is the Ambrose bed it showed at the Coronation Festival, along with new fabric choices and headboard designs.

Stellini will show its latest collection of jacquards and knits and a design app that allows users to automatically download new designs and see them as they would appear on the bed, including quilt patterns and bed bases.

Stuart Jones will exhibit two bedroom sets to show the diversity of its ranges: the new Jasmine bedstead shown in natural linen fabric and incorporating the new DAR fabric for a shabby chic look, and the Greenwich divan.

Vi-Spring will launch two divan set models in the Natural Luxury collection.

Vogue Beds will unveil Countess, a 600 pocket spring model with pillow top mattress featuring Blu Cool memory foam. Also on show will be: Edward, a 12.5 gauge open coil spring with a six gauge spring; Regatta with a soft knit fabric, handtufted with an orthopedic spring; an updated Memory Plus with the border complementing the new soft knit panel fabric with intricate designs; and Memory Sculpture 1000 that combines 40mm of memory foam on a 1,000 pocket spring system.

More luxury.

Sweet Dreams will add to its Opulence Collection, with Sparkle and Chic joining Classic. All the hybrid frame-divan models feature an upholstered headboard and footend.

The three will also be available in Vision, a TV-ready model, taking a TV up to 32in and 3.15in in depth. A remote controlled mechanism allows the TV to pop up from the footend. The divan is available in three sizes: 135cm, 150cm and 180cm, and comes in a choice of sprung edge or platform top with ottoman and drawers as storage options.

The Jazira mattress is purpose- designed to complement the upholstery of Opulence, with a matching fabric edge and 3D border.

In addition, Sweet Dreams is launching leather-look TV beds, sofa beds, bedframes and a comprehensive range of divans to refresh the current collections.

Best of both worlds — gel foam and springs.

‘Memory foam is now so last century. It was invented in 1966 by NASA to improve aircraft seats and was used in the space programme. That’s nearly 50 years ago. Now, however, we’re in the 21st century and the next generation of bed technology is here: a union of extreme comfort with zonal support, pressure relief and immense breathability, everything combined to make you the ultimate, deeper sleeper,’ says Neil Robinson, Sealy marketing director.

The new Hybrid beds are a fusion of a new, technologically advanced, highly elastic gel and breathable foam merged with innovative springs and will be debuted at the show.

‘Unlike memory foam beds, these Hybrid divans and mattresses are springy, bouncy, deeply comfortable and supportive, as you would expect from the very best pocket sprung beds, but with the added benefit of an innovative cooling gel foam layer so no more bed head hair or hot and sweaty bodies which you frequently get with ordinary memory foam,’ he explains. ‘Memory foam beds also invariably mean no bounce factor, but with these new Hybrid beds of course this isn’t a problem, so as you snuggle down in ecstatic comfort, you go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer.’

The top layer of breathable gel offers anatomically correct support and hygienic protection with no sweating or shivering — the ideal sleeping climate. Under this are layers of almost 3,000 mini and full pocket springs, zoned to support the spine and heavier and lighter parts of the body along its length.

The coil is a two stage design — the upper part of the spring is softer and conforming for contouring comfort, while the lower part of the spring is firmer for deep down support, and each spring is individually encased to minimize motion transfer.

In addition to Smart Fibres, the collection’s ticking is a new type of flexible, stretchy soft mattress covering that contains Adaptive. Adaptive changes passive textiles to textiles with a dynamic response to environmental changes such as temperature and humidity. It reuses the energy of the body to boost moisture wicking, moisture evaporation and cooling, to keep the sleeper and the mattress cool and dry. Adaptive treated mattress ticking works through sheets and/or mattress protectors as long as the textile layers have a good breathability.

Also on show will be Napoli 1200, which gained the highest score in the latest test of pocket sprung mattresses by which? Magazine, earning it a which? Best Buy accolade.

Home grown.

Somnus is preparing to preview the Supremacy Collection and the luxury no-turn Concordia Collection at the show.

‘Handmade using nature’s finest materials, unique wool blends developed from the Somnus Farm and brand new spring technology, both collections deliver the very best in comfort. Somnus is at the forefront of pocket spring design technology and has designed each model with a higher number of springs giving a more supportive, comfortable sleeping surface,’ says Jason Lowdon, Somnus sales director.

Somnus sleep specialists designed the Sensa iP Pocket spring system, where the springs move independently of each other, distributing the sleepers’ weight across a higher number of springs and so supporting and contouring more exactly to body shape, he says. The result is fewer pressure points and better sleep. These unique springs are produced in the Somnus state of the art manufacturing facility.

To help guarantee the quality of the materials, Somnus rears its own sheep on the Somnus Farm and has developed Yorkshire Dales and Herdwick Eco wool. These are turned into unique blends of 100% natural upholstery fillings which are then layered into each bed.

‘This makes for perfect temperature control all night and ensures supreme comfort,’ according to Lowdon.

‘We blend the most luxurious fillings such as silk, mohair, cashmere and the finest Egyptian cotton with the highest quality locally produced wool for breathability and with hand- teased horsehair to channel away moisture and maintain a healthy, fresh, well-ventilated bed.’

The Supremacy Collection will comprise 12 traditionally handbuilt models while the Concordia Collection will feature seven no-turn models.

To complement the 2014 collections, Somnus has selected a fashion inspired range of fabrics — including opulent satins and crushed velvets — and headboard styles that add a touch of luxury and style to the bedroom.

The latest innovations in sleep.

The Geltex Collection will be the centerpiece of Silentnight’s launches at the show. Developed by Recticel and available exclusively in the UK and Republic of Ireland through the Silentnight Group, Geltex is a combination of an extremely elastic gel and air-permeable foam.

Its unique open cell structure allows air to pass easily through the mattress, preventing the body from overheating in summer, while keeping warm in winter. Its innovative elasticity offers immediate springback for support. It responds to the contours of the body providing spinal alignment and support. Geltex’s advanced flexible properties distribute weight evenly across the mattress preventing pressure points from building up, and helping to reduce the discomfort of aching joints and circulatory problems.

There are six mattress options, each combining Silentnight’s Mirapocket spring system with a Geltex comfort layer and Geltex branded knitted mattress cover.

New base options include a contemporary slender leg base, and standard and low level adjustable bases. Divan and ottoman bases are also available. A new hand-upholstered five panel padded headboard complements the contemporary collection. Headboards and bases come in Pale Grey, Malt, Fennel, Aubergine and Millstone. The launch to retailers is supported with POS displays, including dual-branded backboard, floor vinyls, footmats and a printed display panel with integrated TV monitor hosting a Geltex video.

‘The Geltex Collection is our most exciting and innovative product development,’ says Steve Freeman, Silentnight md. ‘The range has been developed to offer customers the ultimate sleep experience. We know that sleep is such a crucial part of everyday life and makes a huge difference to our health, happiness and wellbeing. As such customers are demanding more and more from their bed to help support healthy sleep patterns and create maximum comfort.

‘The Geltex Collection has been developed on the three core principles that aid a great night’s sleep — breathability, body support and pressure relief. A Geltex comfort layer, combined with our market-leading Mirapocket system, offers the perfect solution to these factors, creating a sleep environment which has never been seen before.’

Speed and service.

For more than140 years, Airsprung Beds has been manufacturing divans and mattresses in Wiltshire and has become one of the best-known brands in the business.

Airsprung is offering retailers short lead times on all its models, as well as next day delivery on its bestselling rolled mattresses and wooden bed frames — a no nonsense approach for retailers looking for swift, trouble-free sales.

Many retailers are also taking advantage of Airsprung’s DHD service, eliminating any worries about stock and warehousing and helping streamline the retailer’s own business model in favor of increased sales.

In addition to quick delivery, Airsprung was among the first companies to offer a collect and recycle service on behalf of the retailer, providing peace of mind as well as convenience.

This year Airsprung is further extending its core range that was launched at the end of last year.

The company will also be expanding its Hush from Airsprung beds and mattress collection, aimed at the mid-sector consumer, at the show.

Hush from Airsprung offers popular features such as luxury memory foam, superior pocket springs, sophisticated zone systems and materials rich in wool and cotton, coupled with the Airsprung DHD package.

Tradition, luxury and affordability.

Rest Assured will debut the Heritage Collection, designed to be a traditional, affordable, luxury bed range exclusively for independent retailers. British heritage is central to the collection: the mattresses are hand-tufted for long-lasting support and embroidered for a traditional look. The self- cleaning mattress covers eliminate mould and dust mites without the use of harsh chemicals, handles are fitted for easy movement while air vents allow air to circulate freely.

The range features four models: Farnham Silk 800, Helmsley Cashmere 1400, Portland Memory 2000 and Sherbourne Latex 2000. There are four upholstered headboards and an extensive collection of bases in a choice of natural, rustic linens. Bases include electronic adjustable and sprung bases as well as an extensive selection of storage options including the new Ottoman drawer.

‘Made using tried and tested techniques, the collection has been specifically designed to allow for easy movement and optimum back support. A careful balance of supportive pocket springs and comfortable fillings provides the right environment for the fluids in your spine to help it repair from aches and pains to ensure that you wake up relaxed and refreshed,’ says Graham Butterfield, Rest Assured sales director.

Heritage is supported by POS designed to appeal to Rest Assured’s 45-plus, female target consumer, specifically empty nesters and downsizers who the company has identified as likely to be in the market for a new bed.

The POS maximizes standout in-store and communicates the collection’s key message: ‘Rest assured it’s the bed your back would choose’. The statement is supported with explanations of how and why the bed is the best choice for your back.

Customers are further reassured: ‘Rest assured our beds have been tried and tested’ — a message that is of particular importance to the target consumers. The Heritage Collection has been tried and tested to provide features that support the back and body contours, with added luxury and traditional style which appeals to buyers in the 45-plus age range.

‘Rest Assured beds have a reputation for high repeat ratio and we are confident that the Heritage Collection will be no exception,’ Butterfield says.

Spotlight on handmade quality.

‘Gainsborough Beds has a history of making and supplying beds of the very highest quality and this year will be no exception,’ says Andy Richards, Gainsborough sales and marketing director. ‘We want to use the exhibition to showcase what is really great about our company.’

The show will see Gainsborough display a new collection of handmade beds.

‘The Natural collection features natural fillings of the highest quality. To complement these beautiful mattresses there will be a fresh range of base fabrics featuring the latest colors while retaining the commerciality that retailers require,’ he explains.

Gainsborough’s recently launched Pocket Cloud Collection will also be on show, incorporating layers of upholstery and nested pocket spring counts of up to 3,000, together with two rows of hand side-stitching.

‘We had a preview of this range to some potential and existing customers and the response was amazing, with uptake from virtually everyone who saw them, so we knew we had produced something very commercial. There wasn’t just one area that stood out — it was the whole package from great feeling beds that looked superb with a hand-made selling story, backed up by our commitment to supporting our bricks and mortar retailers,’ Richards adds.

Both ranges will also see a completely redesigned collection of headboards that complement the divan bases with four styles available in all of the base color options and a choice of floor standing or traditional struts.

The show will also see the launch of three promotional beds under The Windsor Bed Company branding, with a mixture of natural and manmade fillings.

Gainsborough Sofa Beds will featuring the Sofa Bed Choice collection, which offers more than 5,000 options from two floor models.

Multiple choices for small spaces.

Retailers need to make the most of floor space, so Hush-a-Bye Beds has developed the Options range that offers a large amount of choice from only two floor models. There are two spring interior options and two different tensions, along with multiple base options including deep or shallow and sprung or platform top, a range of base fabrics and a guest bed option.

‘We are acutely aware of the fact that retailers’ floor space is at a premium and we hear so many times buyers saying that they don’t have elastic walls, that we believe we have arrived at a solution that meets so many of their demands,’ says Andy Richards, Hush-a-Bye sales and marketing director.

In addition to Options, Hush-a-Bye will launch a budget line under the Dreamnight brand that will offer retailers a collection to complement the current Hush-a-Bye offering with a lower price point. Initially, predominantly an open coil offering, it will allow for a choice of base fabric colors and be aimed at consumers who want the assurance of knowing they are purchasing from a well-established company but are working to a budget. Four Dreamnight models will be on display at the show including a guest bed.

There are also new models in the Hush-a-Bye offer, including a block memory foam mattress and two pocket spring models.

‘As a bricks and mortar manufacturer, we are committed to working with retailers who have stores rather than just websites and this allows stockists to sell with confidence,’ says Richards.

‘There genuinely will be something for everyone on display at the show, with the new budget range offering some fabulous beds at a very competitive price. As an extra incentive this year, one retailer will win back the value of their floor model order, which gives us the opportunity to give something back to one of our stockists.’

Regal launches.

Hot on the heels of exhibiting at the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace, Hypnos is launching the Royal Comfort Collection and next generation Heritage Collection at The Bed Show.

A flavor of the new products were on display at Buckingham Palace. James Keen, Hypnos sales director, discussed Hypnos’ unique Active Turns pocket spring comfort and sustainable design ethos with members of the Royal family, including the Prince of Wales who was particularly interested in Hypnos’ environmental and responsible values.

‘We have added to our BS PAS 2060 Carbon Neutral status with the workshops not only achieving FSC and PEFC certification, but earning an international Ethical accreditation from Sedex which serves to provide retailers with the confidence that Hypnos employs ethical and responsible best practices. Much has happened in the past year and we have continued to grow sales by over 30%, with new products and new levels of comfort and aesthetics at the heart of this growth,’ says Keen.

Products introduced during the year focused on an innovative approach to pocket spring geometry with Intuitive Active Turns which focused on one intelligent layer of pocket springs to maximize cool-comfort and pressure relieving support.

Hypnos also launched the Pillow Turn Collection, boasting a removable zipped topper connected to a turnable mattress core. Other introductions included the contemporary no-turn Pocket Latex collection which provides pressure relief and cooler comfort compared with foam based mattresses, says Keen. A bedstead mattress collection and a wider choice of finishing touches including a contemporary shallow divan with stand-out legs and the addition of an upholstered footboard.

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