Showing the way ahead.

September may herald the beginning of autumn, but it’s also red-hot when it comes to seeing the latest products and trends in an exhibition packed month.

As memories of heatwaves begin to fade and people return to work after their August holidays, September once again presents us with the opportunity to see where the market is heading for the coming year, with a plethora of exhibitions.

From The Flooring Show to Decorex and The Bed Show to Design junction via Long Point and Super brands (all of which are previewed in this issue) the calendar is full of must-visit events.

At those shows there will be thousands of new products, some of which will go on to be top sellers. So if you want to be ahead of the competition, get your diary out and make sure you’re not missing out on the next big thing, be it in flooring, furniture, accessories or interior design.

Meanwhile, phrase of the month — Alice in Wongaland — has to go to economist Ann Pettifor, a director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics and a fellow of the New Economics Foundation think tank, who told the BBC that more optimistic economic indicators were not as rosy as they seemed and consumers had fallen back to borrowing to spend.

‘I think it’s artificial and can’t be sustained,’ she told the BBC. ‘At a fundamental level it’s quite dangerous because household debt is still 153% of GDP. There’s nothing seriously underpinning this recovery, and that’s why it’s Alice in Wongaland, the confidence fairy is out there.’

Whether Pettifor is right or not (only time will tell) there does seem to have been an improvement in consumer sentiment over the past few months, even if most of it is likely to have gone on outdoor activities during the summer.

If this carries on into autumn and beyond, it becomes even more important to have the newest and best products to tempt consumers with.

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