«Being able to create shows your coworkers that you aren’t a one-trick pony. In the boardroom, creativity pushes your stock up in the company you’re working for. You become that asset that everyone knows they can count on. That go-to guy that can think out of the box and be ready at a moment’s notice. Using your imagination fused with your skill set will define your status and will take you from employee to boss level. And when you combine that unique imagination with clean shaven professionalism, the result can only be success.»

«Creativity is something that can be applied to dating. Being #MOMOLReady is getting creative with your moves. Before every date, make sure to be presentable by shaving away your annoying facial hair so you’ll be #MOMOLReady — should she want to kiss you when you finally take her home. Make sure every date opportunity is an adventure: go rock climbing, food tripping in Binondo, or even visit art galleries. When you are able to create an experience that a girl hasn’t gone through yet, your stock with the chicks goes up. You become that unicorn that women want to capture. Creativity separates the men from the boys.»

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