Guitar wireless system



Sony’s new wireless system is optimised for guitar and bass players, offering high-quality 24-bit/48KHz linear PCM digital transmission, an eight-position ‘cable tone generator’ plus 9V, 12V and battery power options. Audio outputs include two unbalanced jacks for amp and tuner plus for balanced connection to mixers. Six channels operate in wide and narrow RF modes.

Frequency range is quoted as 10Hz-22kHz using Sony’s own RF technology and codec; the DWZ-B30GB is said to deliver reliable and secure transmission even in the vicinity of wi-fi and wireless microphones. The 2.4GHz frequency band is used for transmission, so it can be used licence/cost-free in most countries.

We performed some tests switching back and forth between a short, high-quality guitar cable and the DWZ-B30GB. Levels were consistent and we couldn’t discern any significant differences in tone.

If you are in the habit of using a long cable between your guitar and pedals or amp input, you may not be aware of the degree of treble roll-off caused by the capacitance of the cable. Hitting your amp with a full-frequency signal may sound unnaturally bright and harsh, so the cable simulation feature works very well with a nicely progressive feel. After this encouraging start we went walkabout to test the limits of the unit’s range. We found it started cutting out from distances over 30ft.


The DWZ-B30GB provides excellent sound quality and it’s easy to use. The plastic receiver box feels a bit lightweight but the transmitter’s metal case reassures. The signal strength should be more than adequate for pub and club gigs so long as you have no plans to go crowd-surfing in the gods.

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