Ster Group

The seemingly unstoppable growth of Kurdistan is inseparable from the construction industry, and Ster Group is crucial to the sector’s positioning in the economy. When the broad range of diversified activities the company is engaged in is taken into account, one takes stock of the sheer importance of Ster to the Kurdistan adventure.

Mr. Sarwar Pedawi, chairman of Ster, is keen to stress the importance of ‘‘keeping up with the Joneses’’ (the West), so to speak. Where before, construction companies could shirk on quality in order to save on costs, such compromises are frankly no longer tolerated. With an increasingly cosmopolitan, mobile populace traveling and studying abroad, European ‘‘mod cons’’: Modern office areas for business purposes; smaller apartments for newlyweds and young singles, are not just expected, but demanded.

Ster is meeting these demands head-on: Dutch Delta City, an ultra-modern, state-of-the-art project encompassing the pillars of modern life – housing, working, shopping, sport and leisure – is its highly anticipated super-project, which Mr. Pedawi believes will truly propel Kurdistan into the 21st century.

Ster isn’t content with setting the bar in the construction sector, however. Mr. Pedawi has designs on replicating the company’s grand vision throughout the sector spectrum, spreading its net into insurance, security, wireless and cable internet and the drinks sector, with two bottled water plants housing its branded Avian and Kani products and the establishment of a Coca-Cola factory in 2006. Along with its lucrative venture into the oil and gas sector via its affiliation with Ster Petroleum, Ster Group is proving to be Kurdistan’s all-conquering conglomerate.

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